Thursday, November 14, 2013

Still Simming. Still causing drama in Midnight Hollow. lol

No, I don't have Into the Future...yet, but still playing the game when I can. I also manage to get my screen size settings just right, so my graphics are back looking crisp.
Helga isn't very happy to find out her sister fancies her husband.

She decided to try out her newly learned evil magic on Jinx.
But it backfired.

Jack can't seemed to make up his mind. Does he want Jinx?

Or his evil wife?
Meh I don't think he's into wife that much.
Unfortunately for him, Jinx doesn't like being the other woman.

Her sister creepily stared at her while she was sleeping all on her own. o_o 
Jack then manage to pissed off his wife again.


Jinx did come outside to put him out, but she took time to giggle at him. I swore I heard her giggle anyway. Feeling sorry for Jack. He could of died. lol

He did tell her off for taking her good ol time. I think all of them are fighting now. xD

More to come...well whenever the job sets me free again!


  1. That seems a very argumentative household!

    1. LOL I feel bad almost, but it's quite amusing. I think I may make the wife a cheater too. Hmmm....


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