Saturday, November 23, 2013

Currently juggling my heath and my job at slave-mart...

Well if you haven't my seen chat box, I had to go the ER just recently. I don't take joy into going to the ER. If I'm not curled up dying on the floor, I would rather skip going there and spending my life sitting in a waiting room. So my recent health scare was bad enough I had to call out of work and go. I don't want to go into details as it's a gross subject and I would like to get a complete diagnose before making everyone worried, so I'm not going speak on it much at the moment.

This is coming at very bad and awkward time for the job though. That being we have a new head manager and the holidays. I have to work on Thanksgiving for most the day. From Wednesday to Friday, I got to work 2 to 11. I really don't appreciate having to work on Thanksgiving. They should ask someone who needs the money more and has the time to do it. I don't even have the energy to do it now. I don't know how I'm going get through those days in my current state really. My stomach among other things kind of drains any patience or care to do my job properly. Walking around and standing on my feet all day with an annoying nagging pain sucks! Tylenol didn't even really help me today. (I stayed home today by the way.)

Then it's the attitudes of the managers that is just making me feel even worse. The day I went to the ER, one manager asked me to come in early and sounded more disappointed than anything that I wasn't going be able to come in. Then the next day I came in (didn't want to) and they ask me if I wanted to come in on my off day to make up time. I knew they would ask that, but just automatically thought I was magically better for some reason. Today though just pissed me off beyond belief. Unfortunate, but still pretty sh**y of him. It's a job, but I really wish they would take more consideration that their employee aren't f'ing robots. Well I called in again today a little too late for the new manager liking and dickhead put an infraction on my record. For one I had went into a long explanation about my health, medicine and even told him my issues since Mr. Nosey asked, but after telling him all that crap he decided to quote the rules to me and said it would be a write up. The last thing I need to hear is the f'ing rule book and my record when my stomach is hurting and I woke up out my sleep to call you! You f'ing asshole! I might as well had kept sleeping as it's basically consider a no show now. Thanks dickhead for wasting my time! It took him 10 mins just for his old ass to answer! I wanted to politely kick him in his face through the phone, but that is physically impossible unfortunately. *pouts*

I really can't see me working there long. They may fire me before I quit, but either way I really could care less. I'm scared and worried about f'ing self right now. I could have a serious illness and they wouldn't give a f***, so their needs are not a concern for me. Heck a cashier fainted once and they asked her to come in the next day anyway, so I shouldn't be surprise. The HR manager did tell the annoying new guy recently that a lot of the people who he had been working there already when he started are going be gone soon. Don't know why she told him, but I fit into that category. I got yelled at the day before heading to the ER for not maintaining my section to their liking and the new guy does my section more than me, so I don't feel too secured. If they going fire me though, I wish they would just get it over with and let me have my Thanksgiving. If I knew I could find a job after my health stuff is over with, I would quit now. I'm starting to hate that store...

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