Saturday, November 30, 2013

Things didn't get better. I caught the flu....

Yeah I've been on bed rest for about week now? The day after I made my last post, I came down with the flu and felt like grimmy himself was about visit me. Then that coming on top what I already was dealing with, I was pretty much f**** up! I'm still spitting up green stuff. Coughing it up anyway, as my asthma is even back. I haven't had asthma attack in years, so I wasn't really prepared for that either. I had to make use of the inhaler I did have. As for work, I'm kind of on sick leave. I'm probably going have to find another job though. I did NOT plan on leaving this soon and was looking forward to seeing what the holiday rush was about, but I've been in no condition to do anything. My grandmother had to call in for me even. I was that messed up!

While I am still coughing and my breathing slightly off, but I'm alive enough to type this. I keep beating myself up over the fact I couldn't go into work. I really feel horribly guilty for getting sick at the worse time. :(


  1. Take it easy Vid and try to get well. Work can wait and you'll probably still be able to do some shifts in the run up to Christmas (tis only 1 December after all) so you will get some pay cheques in the bank. Then in the new year you should feel better and can focus on finding a different job. Besides, by then you'll have been at slavemart for a while and that will look good on your CV.

    But most of all - get well! Stay warm and lots of soup!

    1. Thank you! :D I ate so much soup, I'm tired of it. lol It helped a lot tho. I think my flu is gone for the most part. My asthma seems to be hanging around, but I'm a lot better than I was. Hopefully I can get another job after the holidays and after my health is sorted out. I was planning on doing that anyway.

      But yeah I put off getting checked out again for awhile, so it's time to get back to that. Hopefully it's nothing serious. -_-

  2. I always forget that blogger exists except for the odd moment every few months and then I backtrack through the last half a year of posts.. >.> Anyway, sad to hear you're feeling ill but don't worry about missing a holiday rush if you're in retail - it's nothing you want to feel bad about missing imo!! Just focus on getting better, you can't help it if you're ill

    1. Caturae!!! Omg! *glomps* Glad you manage to stumble back over here to visit me. I missed you. :)

      I think the only thing I'm missing about the holiday rush is the money, but I did pretty good with saving my paychecks. Maybe it's a blessing I've missed all crazy Xmas shoppers so far. The regular customers can be stressful enough. Will definitely focus on getting better though. Should be getting checked out soon, so don't worry too much about little ol me. I'll be alright. xD


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