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The Walking Dead: Thoughts on Gov & the S4 Mid-Season Finale

S**t got real! Damn them for taking another mid-season break!
As always...Spoiler Alert! Spoilers coming after this point!

You have been warned...1.2..3..4...

I would of made a post sooner, but I figured I would wait it out and see what happened with the Gov. Didn't realize they would take a mid-season finale already (feels soon anyway), but it all works out nicely actually for me to ramble on. This will be a nicely wrapped ramble on the Governor, his new/now ex family, Rick, and Herschel.

Now where did I leave off. Oh yeah, the Governor whereabouts. I was dying to know about his super fun awkward road trip with his flunkies. Thankfully the TWD writer delivered on that in Gov packed episode! Now while I do enjoy the Gov, I didn't particular enjoy the complete absent of Rick & the gang in this ep. It actually felt weird just watching the Gov, but I understood why the ep was needed. It was nice seeing him kind of wore down and defeated. I would of liked to seen him struggle more with his past and presence while dealing his new family, but I guessed they didn't want to drag his story out.

His new family was interesting idea. It actually reminded me of the movie, the Stepfather. Where the guy keeps going from family to family trying to create the perfect family. lol I really didn't care for his new family, but they served a purpose I guess. I personally wouldn't have let a bearded one eyed stranger into my apartment, but to each it's own. Amazing how Gov manages to snag the ladies. xD I would like to say that mothers on TWD suck at being mothers. How hard is it to watch your kids in zombie filled world?! Poor little girl.

Anyway, the Gov's new camp reminded me of Rick's camp. It was eerie. The military brothers even reminded me of Shane and Rick a bit. They kind of had their tension filled/brotherly love dynamic. What I don't understand and I can't help, but roll my eyes about is the brother going along with the Gov's plans. He killed his freaking brother! Why in the hell would he go along with him?! I also can't help, but pick at the fact the Gov got yet another group of people to attack the prison! I think the writer kind of screwed up in that area of the story, because it shouldn't have of been that easy to get the camp to dumbly follow him and it's been done before. -_-

By the way, Martinez's death was too funny. Did he really think ol Gov was going "share the crown?" Pffff....idiot!

Well we all knew another attack on the prison was coming. Dumb as it was, the Gov needed people to pull it off and the story wasn't going move along without the attack. I do wish they could of just avoided the first attack in some way, so it could of build up to this. This attack was what should of happened in the first place, because Rick and the Governor finally fought! We also lost a important character too, which is something I would go into first!

Herschel!!!! Nooo! Well I'm not that devastated, but the way he died was so brutal. Like damn! Poor old dude. First his leg and now his head. lol I was quite surprise to see the Gov kill him, because Michonne seemed more of a likely choice. I guess they didn't want to kill Michonne off, but you know damn well Gov would of killed her first. He had her sword even. He would of chose her and not the old man. Well poor Herschel is gone. We going need new morale compass now. I did find his idea of the Governor and Rick living together hilarious! Rick and the Gov under the same roof could be a freaking sitcom in itself! Too bad we're never get to see that. xP Like Dale before him though, I wasn't too effected by his death.

As for Rick, he was unusually annoying and a big ass wuss this ep! WTF?! I got my freaking hand-to-hand combat, but he got his ass kicked right at the end. If it wasn't for Michonne, he would be dead. Seriously Rick?! You're a f'ing cop FFS! The Gov has one eye and got shot! You should of been beating the s*** out of him! WTH?! Was so f*** disappointed! He even look like a little b*** when he was trying to bargain with the Gov. Rick what is with your face this season? Forever making the ugly cry face! Grow some f**** balls and try keeping them for once!!!! Gawd! I'm so sick of Rick going back and forth between bad-ass leader and wuss. I don't mind him trying to scale back as a leader sometimes, but he really needs to keep a pair of balls and stop trying to please everyone all the time!

As for the Gov, I thought his death was ok. Michonne should of finished him off, but it was a nice twist to see his new girl/the girl's mom finish the job. He was so cold when killing the little girl. You knew he was too far gone (haha, the name of the ep). I only wish we could of got a little more insight into his life. He had potential to be a complex, interesting and an absolutely insane villain. Just from the one ep focusing on him, I automatically thought he would make it pass the mid-season break. I wouldn't even of mind seeing him disappear for a couple seasons and then come back when things got boring. Oh well. Wonder who will be taking his place as the new villain? I don't read the comics, so I have no clue. After Shane and the Gov, I really don't have a suggestion as to how the villain should be. Maybe a woman this time?

I really no clue where the show is going now. The group ran off in different directions into the big of world of ZA. I'm very curious to see how that plays out. I'm also wondering what happen to Judith, the baby? She was useless and a possible crying zombie alarm, but did they really kill her off so quickly?

Stuff I'm looking forward to when it returns....
-Where's the baby? Is she dead? Alive? Zombiefied?
-Where did everyone go? Why did the bus leave?
-Will Rick be ok? He got his butt kicked and he seems mentally fragile again.
-Will they run into Carol out on the road?
-Tyrese finding out about Carol
-Who killed the campers the Gov and co. saw? I thought the Gov went back and did it, but I guess not?
-Who fed the zombies in the prison? (they should of just told us)

Stuff I hope to see...
-Zombie baby!
-The return of Rick's balls and sanity again
-A new bad guy or group to stir the pot
-The next location and how they will survive
-More of the virus/illness
-A new friend for Rick. Herschel is gone and Daryl doesn't cut it. Rick needs a new Shane. lol

So no more post on TWD itself till February! I'm getting use to them taking breaks. I still think they should make mid-season finales two hours though! Ugh. Well soon I'll have TellTale's Walking Dead for the PC, so hopefully that will help me cope. ;)

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