Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hello all! Need your help with two things! :)

1. Is my banner in the middle on here? From my view it is, but when I I mean borrow my Dad's new cell phone it's way off on the side when I view it on there. I will try to fix it if it's not mid way on your side of the computer screen.

2. I have a poll! Pick Vidkid20's Sim Lair next design theme! This X-mas theme can't stay up forever! lol The background, the banner, and all the little details will be based on the winning choice! Whatever you choose, I'll make it happen.

And that is all I need from you. xD Please take a look at the newly redesigned Vidkid20 Customs while you at it.  Not exactly what I wanted design wise, but I'm too lazy to do it over again and I like how bright it is. Plus that design idea is in the new poll, so maybe I'll get to do it anyway. :)

The new banner is suppose be a representation of my workshop for sim making by the way. ;P
Check it out! I added two sims there. I have ideas for two new sims already.
 Here's the link again: 


  1. Looks centred to me (against the background image).

    Design theme? Hmmm, guess it's winter for you at the moment? (we have 43 deg C today so not nice outside)

    1. Oh ok. Thanks. I spent too much time yesterday trying to make it centered. Maybe it just looks wonky on smart phones. I hope so anyway.

      And yep it's officially winter. We've been getting light snow here, but it's suppose to warm up quite a bit over the weekend and then drop back down. It's like we're getting opposite weather though. The weather will probably warm back up for you when things get back chilly again for us. xD

  2. Loving the new banners, Viddie! It's centered on my screen. :)

  3. looked centered to me, but im on a pc not a cell. things always work weird on the cell i prefer to internet the 'old fashioned way' lol

  4. Hey Vid, your banner is centred from where I'm looking. I voted in your poll but actually all the ideas are good!

  5. Hiya all! *tackle glomps* I'm very happy to hear it's centered! I was totally about to mess with again when I thought I should just ask. xD Thanks everyone!

    I'm actually excited to see what theme idea wins. I would be happy with any of them really. that I think about I should added futuristic. ;P


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