Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ah I love the smell of new games! The gifts that keep on giving!

Well I finally got around to opening Into the Future. I've looked it everyday and told myself to install it, but then I got distracted by the other game I have now in my possession. I start off my days burying myself into Animal Crossing, then I usually jump into a game of Pokémon Y and then the final game to end the day is the EPIC Walking Dead! OMG, the addiction I have with these games is absolutely insane!

Animal Crossing: New Leaf was a nice surprise. I was first bored with the same ol graphics and the same ol loan shark Nook making me pay for my house, but then I got really into it when they told me I could be a mayor and change stuff around. The power went to my head of course. I even brought a monocle and top hat from the Able sisters, so I could look like a proper mayor. LOL After a few days though, I realized my choice of town layout was total crap. I want to fully customize everything and the layout was just not a good choice. I also moved in the wrong spot apparently, because a stupid penguin moved right in front of my house. Thanks for the eyesore and claustrophobia new neighbor! Geez! That really just made everything worse, so I just deleted the whole town today and plan on doing it all over the right way tomorrow. I'm going pick a more interesting layout where I can have bridges everywhere! I'm going move right next to the beach cliff, so no one will move in front of me! I'm also going actually take time to think of a good town name as well. I just hope the New Year events in the game still play out despite me starting from scratch.

Now I chose Pokémon Y for the pokemon on the front and the fact everyone seemed to want X. The game is of course addicting as ever, but these games have always been like a drug for me and the game doesn't disappoint. It's Pokémon with 3D graphics, but pretty 3D graphics. You can also change clothes and choose your character skin color! Finally my character can look like me! Not that it mattered, but it was nice picking a character with my skin color for once. I haven't got around to changing her clothes too much as I stay poor as hell, but damn do I love it when I can change clothes in a game. As for my pokemon, I picked the fire looking fox for one for my starters. I always tend to pick fire pokemon starting out. He evolved and I had two others evolved too already. So far I got a Pikachu (I love him so), Butterfree (was a metapod), Farfetched, Pandacham, a now evolved Squirtle I got from the professor as an 2nd choice, and a new little guy (a Ralts I think). I'm hoping he will make a good psychic pokemon. I got plenty more, but those are the main ones I'm using at the moment. I'm trying get pandacham to evolve, but he may be more trouble than it's worth. He's a good fighting pokemon, but it's just a pain getting to level up and I'm going need a dark pokemon to get him to evolve I think. Once I get to the next gym, I can strategize who want to keep and what pokemon I should be searching for next.

TaleTell's The Walking Dead is like the biggest drug of them all. If Season 2 doesn't come out by time I'm finished this game or at least replayed it, I may have withdrawals. Well I will. I already know it. I love it!!! Trying very hard not go through it too quickly. It's feels like I'm in another version of the show itself. The characters can make you care about them and they can make you hate them too. The last death had me cursing at screen! I'm still mad about it. xD Then the decision aspect is so freaking cool and nerve-wracking at times. lol I'm not going spoil it, so that' really all I have to say. I will say the zombies at first scare crap out of me! The first zombie especially made me jump and scream at the screen like a crazy person. I'm use to them now. :P

I also got Harvest Moon: New Beginning, but I only played just last night for a couple hours. The tutorial alone took a hour to get through. Gawd was it mind-numbing! I have read the game will pick up the more I play/grow crops, but it's really hard to get into right now. The villagers make the game for me and I'm stuck with only the 3 at moment. I don't even have a hot bachelor to stalk! I do like the new customization features for your character and again clothes to choose from! Yay for changing clothes! I just wish the graphics were prettier and things didn't start off so slow!

Now lastly, Sims 3: Into the Future. As I said, I opened it. That's it. lol I have no clue where to start with that game. I'm in like a sim gameplay rut or something. I can't think of a single story or idea to test this game out with. I also don't look forward to updating as I hear the new update is as usual wonky as hell. Pfff I don't know. If I could just think of a idea or a different way of playing that involves this ep, I could play right now. AGHHHHHHH! I just feel like I do the same thing every ep. Make a household, play around with the ep features, and then move onto another household. I want a save/household I can stick with and not get bored. *sigh* Well I opened it, so that's a start in the right direction. Any ideas?  >_<

P.S. I would love to exchange 3DS codes and play online if anybody wants, but I haven't the foggiest clue how to get the DS to connect online. Connecting wireless doesn't work anymore (only ever worked for the wii really), so it is something I can buy to connect?


  1. Walking Dead is great (got it a while ago on Steam). Just downloaded Season 2 but not started it yet (too many other things on sale over there).

    I got Pokemon Y as well (since my son has X) but I haven't had a chance to start yet. I always go for a water starter then will get Charmander for the second one this time. And I went for AC New Leaf too but nothing is ever open when I have time to play so I haven't done much with it. Not sure on connecting online. I guess you could hope for a free connection somewhere. BTW there's a Pokemon update already to iron out the bugs.

    ITF will have to wait until it's half price but I installed IP recently and spent more time getting it working than I have playing! Will get back to it eventually.

  2. Ah is TWD done with season 2? :o I brought the cd version of 1, but if I might try buying Season 2 on steam if they don't come out with it on cd by time I'm finished. Definitely an awesome game. Too bad EA can't make it em that good. ;)

    For AC, you could always change the game clock when you want to play. :P Well I use to do that when I had it for the gamecube. lol

    Pokémon did have a system update when I started playing, but that might of just been a update for my DS. Will go check out the patch for it. I haven't ran into any bugs of yet, so it can't be much. Well I hope not anyway.

    And yeah IP is a pain! I gave up on it for the moment. It's way too buggy and it's shame since it's actually one of the better eps. If it wasn't for X-mas, I wouldn't have ITF. Never been in a big rush to play it, but I'll install eventually I guess.

    1. And I can't find a free connection anywhere here! I wouldn't mind trying with Pokémon and AC at least once. D: I might try seeing if gamestop has a cord or something I can connect online with.

      I'm going need it if ever want to play the new Ace Attorney game. :/

    2. Not sure if TWD Season 2 is the end ... it has only just come out! There's a similar game by the same crowd called The Wolf Amongst Us but about fairy tales and werewolves (supposedly... have it but haven't played it). I know they are working on a Game of Thrones game next.

    3. The Pokemon bug was that you couldn't save at all in the Lumiose City outer ring ... very frustrating if you were one of the first to discover it I'm sure!

    4. Oh no I wasn't asking if it was over, but if season 2 was completed. I read that the first set of eps for that season were out, but I wondering if they had completed the whole season. If so it won't be long till they make a completed retail version like they did for 1.

      I'm sure they'll making a lot seasons with the success of it tho. :)

      As for pokemon, I made it to Lumiose town and didn't have problems saving. I'm glad I didn't encounter that glitch. 0_o

    5. Seems only Season 2 Episode 1 is out. Episode 2 expected Q1, 2014 so maybe a couple of months. Will be 5 episodes total again so it sounds like a while before all will be complete.

  3. I have a great idea for you for for the hills!! Just joking kind of. Some people are playing ITF without any major problems.You know I have always been one of those people who say I don't have any problems with my game.....I have been saying that for years. But since patching and installing ITF, I have had nothing but problems. My game was crashing but that stopped. Now my game freezes and I have to ctrl/alt/delete out of it. I have invisible sims and an invisible plumbot. I am thinking about reinstalling all my games and stopping before that last patch and ITF. The only thing that stops me from doing this is that I love the plumbots. With the right trait chips you get an awesome slave who cleans, repairs, gardens and takes care of the babies, children and pets and if you give them the efficient chip, they do everything really, really well. You have to find out for yourself how your game will handle ITF. Maybe you will be one of the lucky ones.

    I haven't been able to really get into TWD yet. I also got Saints Row IV and have been playing that. Glad you're having fun with your xmas gifts and hope you are able to have fun with ITF. *hugs*

    1. Oh my! Well that doesn't sound very good. 0_o I have a bad feeling I won't be so lucky, but meh maybe I will and maybe I won't. I feel like I'm taking a chance with my game every patch really. lol I'll let you know if I strike out. Well...I'll probably be ranting on here if it glitches up my game too bad.

      But it does look pretty cool. I watched LGR review of it and the plumbots really caught my eye. Having a robotic slave sounds nice. ;)

      I hope you can get your game working again tho. I really wish EA would take time to fix the game completely for once without breaking something else. I hope you can continue to have fun with your other games in meantime too. *hugs* :D


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