Wednesday, November 13, 2013

PHOßIA: Cycle 1: FINALE Scores + Pics

All clickable piccies.
I won!!!!! 1st place! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Vid & Ethan - N.ecro.phobia / Zombies

 Vid you'll be styling and overcoming your Phobia of dead things! This will be a challenge for Ethan but he must show this fear styled as one of the living dead or even the master of the living dead! 
I always thought death was the ultimate demise. Just the thought of that darkness when closing my eyes at night terrified me. The fear of never waking up was a nightmare that followed me constantly! So when I died I felt the fear and then I saw nothing, but then something happen. I felt every fiber in my body move again and I had a hunger that couldn't be tamed. Then I open my eyes, smelt the rotten flesh, and saw the inside of a coffin. I shrugged it off as if it was nothing and made my escape through the dirt and the mud. I made it above feeling nothing. Not even the fresh air matter now. All I could think about was the smell of living flesh before me and the moans of my brothers behind me awakening from their eternal sleep. I felt empowered and I had no fears as I watched each corpse raise. All I felt was the urge to kill every single living thing before me. I had indeed became my fear. Death became me!   

1st - Vid & Ethan

Ahhh, I'm in love with both images Vid and I'm soo glad your images were of the same standard as you usually produce your images! The extras were styled perfectly as was Ethan and the graveyard setting was captivating so much to look at although I would have preferred you to think more out of the box. I don't have anything but praise for this image as I haven't for the majority of the competition. You are a deserving winner as the other two are so I can't wait to find out your averages and who the overall winner is!

After finding out results :

Congratulations on winning Cycle One you've been such a pleasure to have around and I'm looking forward to working with you on Cycle Two judging!

Perfect pictures Vid! I took away points because in the pictures Ethan was suppose show fear as a zombie. Although your photos are great, without the story you do not know or see his fear

I can't believe I made it through this and finish it out as a WINNER! Wooooooooo! I'm so happy I didn't quit, but I'm also very happy it's over. Between work and thinking of stuff for this, my brain is completely fried. lol I am a judge for Cycle 2, but I can do scores quicker than a picture. Please check out my judging expertise when you get a chance. Been a min since I've judge. Hopefully the contestants can deal with my honesty. xD

As for the final pictures, it was a race to finish again. I was completely out all of ideas for zombies. I felt like I've done this type of picture a million times already and these pictures take time. Time was something I didn't have much of, so I went with the classic idea of zombies and threw in what I did like about the movie Warm Bodies. I finally made myself watched that movie. Was kind of cheesy, so it didn't help me much. lol

Anyway, I build probably the best grave yard I ever build and dressed my models in the rags I did find in CAS. When I was done, I edited some mud on him and blood very quickly before heading to bed.

It actually a really good picture for all the rushing I did. I know it's overused concept and setting, but I kind like the classic feel of it.

Now when it came to the headshot, I had an very striking idea in mind and it was something that needed time. So I took a risk and decided to finish it after I came home from work. As you might know, I hate doing simple headshots. Only for signups will I keep stuff simple. If I can make a headshot unique, I will. So I wanted him to look like he was decaying and I wanted it be absolutely disgusting. I colored the wall behind him to look like dirt. Yes that's wallpaper I recolored! Neat huh? Then I posed him in a coffin-like pose and took the picture. Then I did my usual blood splatter over the chest and arms (the face was makeup), but I wanted worms to be coming out of him and settled on using the image of maggots. I had the unfortunate task of googling maggots images. That was so freaking disgusting. *gags* I found one while being partially blinded and edited in. I also decided to black out one eye and make it look like a gaping hole. The maggot fit right in there and the one on the chest fit perfectly in the bloody wound. I know I have very sick mind! No matter, my sick mind deemed it disgusting enough and finished before going to bed.

Nervous as I was, I felt really really good about my entry. I put everything I had in finishing strong despite my lack of time. I knew I would place in the top 3 somewhere. I'm still pretty stunned I won the whole damn thing actually! I don't know how I did it, but YEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! It was exhausting, but it was worth it and I had fun. Now I'm taking a real competition break for real this time. I don't have the time anymore. It was nice to win something before taking a break though.

Well I'll be playing the game and chatting on the forums on my off days now. :]


  1. Ew! Well done Vid - glad you stayed in the competition since you went on to be the WINNER!

    I actually don't mind maggots. I am not squeamish and we used to buy boxes of them to use as fishing bait when we were kids. They'd come in all different colours and I used to think they were quite pretty in a way!

    Enjoy your competition break. I'm sure you'll be a great judge too!


  2. Thank you! *hugs* I'm using the siggie now. It feels awesome to win a comp! :D

    I actually got to see a maggot up close one time, but I wasn't very thrilled to see it and ran away from it. xD I didn't know you could use them for fishing tho. I guess they are kind of like a worm with a bad rep.

    Judging is a lot easier and interesting when it's a lot talented people involved. Plus the host does all the hard stuff, so it's an easy job for me. lol Judged one round already and that went well. :)


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