Monday, November 11, 2013

Walking Dead: Carol, The Gov, and other stuff...

*Major spoilers ahead! S** about to hit the fan!*

Spoiler Alert! Do not read pass this point if you haven't seen the most recent shows. You've been warned!

The last post about this was the season opener. I don't plan to cover every episode, because some eps are just fillers and a lot major stuff happens over one or more eps. That saying 3 majors things have happen and I can't contain my enthusiasm to ramble on about it!

For starters, the virus! It got really nasty didn't it? I for one thought a major character would die during this period. Glenn, Herschel, and Sasha! I would of been of actually a little upset if one of them had died like that! Really really glad they made it! I think the only thing that disappointed me about this virus plot is it seemed kind of inconsistent. Carl, Rick, Daryl, Carol and Hershel should of all got sick. They got coughed on and blood splatter on them! WTH? I also think the virus plot was too short. Everything is all good and dandy now after all that?! Maybe they plan on bringing up it throughout the season and the next eps, but it seems weird that it was cured so quickly. I know they didn't want to drag it on, but it seemed like it could of been handled better.

Speaking of that virus, Carol decision to stop the virus by murdering! Whaaaat?! I did not see that coming! I would expect something like that from the Governor or someone in the prison with an axe to grind. Not Carol! Geez! Could she had waited for them to change first before murdering them?! I don't blame Rick for sending her away. She can't be trusted! I hate to cough front of her. lol So yeah she's outta here it seems. Well she might come back. She did leave the show alive. That's a first. ;)  I did find her slightly annoying at times, but I was mostly indifferent to her. I am glad she's gone, but I did want to see what was up with her and Darly. He's going be upset to find out she's gone and I'm sure Tyrese won't be happy to see his girlfriend's murderer walk free. Carol might not be there to create mayhem with her confession, but her absent is going cause a lot drama I'm sure. Rick got some explaining to do!

As for minor stuff, Lizzie gives me the creeps. She thought the zombie was a freaking dog FFS. Glad she got it away from Glenn, but she kind of psychotic. It was also nice to see Rick and Carl get along, but ugh Carl is annoying no matter what. Then this Bob character. I don't trust him. He has drinking problem to boot, but he also was the last survivor of every group he was in? Hmmm....

Now for the epic ending of the last ep! THE GOVERNOR!!!!! When the music got all dramatic, I was like "uh oh". Then they showed the back of his head and I like was "oh my gawd!" Then he turned around and I was like "F**** yeah!" Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I went crazy! I knew damned well it couldn't end all nice and peaceful! He had to come back! Bring it on! I am so excited, I can't contain myself! The sneak peek was not enough!

So yeah The Gov is back! I expect so much insanity and action to happen throughout the next eps, it's going be f**** epic!

Stuff I want to see
-The Governor! Rick fighting The Governor! The Governor being The Governor!
-The Governor's plans and goons
-Darly staying with the group despite Carol
-The sickly back in fighting action in time for The Gov
-Less Carl. He still bugs me.
-Who the hell brought the zombie to the gate with the rat?! I'm still wondering who did that!

My predications
-The Gov will create zombie army and attack the jail!
-Darly won't take Carol's banishment well :/
-Tyrese being super pissed about Carol leaving. He might go search for her.
-They will have to leave the jail. I'm honestly tired of looking at it. lol
-Lizzie is feeding the zombies? Just a guess. If not, the Gov has a mole inside the prison.

As for extremely minor stuff, I really like the hippie couple. They were so freaking cute. Too cute apparently since the zombie ate them (well the woman anyway). I'm also sad the doctor died. :/ Oh well....

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