Monday, May 30, 2011

Picture spam! What? Where else would I post these?!

I promise to show off some other sims. These are just my favorite sims right now and current household. I plan on uploading them and getting back to the vampire story. I haven't forgot. ^_^ Also adding a new tag. "Picture Spam"


  1. lol Already uploaded. ;)

  2.  Yaaai, Mikey is back again, along with the boyfriend that looks oddly like Frank!
     Are you uploading them? I loves them >_<

  3. I should have them up this week. I would say tomorrow, but you know how I am. xD Such a relief to have my computer working. ^_^

  4. Hey Chi! Thank you! :D Yeah the glasses seem to just fit him. He looks pretty cute without them too.

    As for the paintings, I looovvve them! I actually gave you shot out in one of my post like this. :) They add just the right amount color to their apartment.

  5. Oh shoot I must have missed it, but thanks! ^.^

    I'm gonna have to download these two, they seem like so much fun. Good thing you got your computer working again.

  6. cool looking sims. The blonde haired guy is my fav, he has this geek-ness about him. Also might I add that I love seeing my painting recolor in your pics :)


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