Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blast from the past! Remember these?!

I was cleaning out the basement and found a boat load of stuff! I had the biggest nerd moment though when I found my pokemon card collection! Excuse the crappy camera phone quality.

Hehe, I use to love this book...
All the card were in this awesome binder, so they all look like they did 10 years ago. 99? Around that time wasn't it? Such a long time ago.
I was trying see if they were worth anything, but so far no. Got awhile, before they pay off I guess. Besides middle school, I kinda miss those days. I stopped watching after Misty left and well I got older. Does it still come on? Anyway, I'm mad my gamboy color doesn't work. The screen went up on it. I might play pokemon stadium on my nentendo 64 later. Hopefully that still works. xD


  1. Wow! You have a lot O_O, how many exactly? XD

    I use to love pokemon as well, but like you said, I grew up, miss those days :/

  2. Wow! You have a lot O_O, how many exactly? XDI use to love pokemon as well, but like you said, I grew up, miss those days :/

  3. I haven't a clue. Like I said I found duplicates in another book and cards behind cards. 0_o

    *sigh* Good times Paco. Good times.

  4. Haha! I went through a huge Pokemon phase when I was eleven! It lasted about a month but in that thirty days I collected hundreds of cards! Afterwards I gave them all to my cousin, and he nearly had a heart attack! He was so happy!

  5. Oh my god! If you were my age you'll be my pokemon soul mate! XD

  6. Our house is slowly disappearing under a tide of Pokemon games, cards and DVDs (my son has just got into it). 

  7. Spychip lol My phase lasted a couple years I think. Even afterwards, I would still play the games. :P That was nice to give them away. May do that if I can't sell them.

    miss_ticke So it does still come on. lol I can imagine. xD

    jps lol :D I miss being your age sometimes. Oh the memories. xD I sound like a old woman.

  8. They're reshowing all episodes on TV here but we are accumulating the dvds as well.  I've played some of the games and am about halfway thru White (and a bit further thru HeartGold). 

  9. I'm older than paco >_>

  10. Sorry about the multiple comments. I wasn't trying to spam you or anything. I was trying to get my Sims username to show up instead of the beginning of my email address, but that failed. I'm hag1TSOTSO by the way.

  11. Ignore. I posted as the wrong name.

  12. This brings back memories.
    I remembered I once had a phase where I loved to collect Pokemon cards. I kept
    them in a card binder, where they still are today. I remember playing Pokemon
    Silver, Crystal, Sapphire, Pokemon Stadium, and so on. I also remember Pokemon
    Colosseum. I remember bringing my Gameboy into school and playing Pokemon with
    the other students. I even remember playing it at my half-sister's college
    graduation ceremony. Lol I was sitting there with headphones, trying to level
    up my Jynx who I named Kiss. Yeah, for some reason Jynx used to be my favorite
    Pokemon. Lol I also liked the anime series, especially Team Rocket. I remember
    for one of the movies I saw at the theaters, the line for tickets was very
    long. For one of them they even had to bring in extra seats because there were
    so many people in the theater. Even my bedspread theme was Pokemon at one
    point. Wow, look at how much I rambled. o_O Lol

  13. bahaha, you're 17/18 aren't you? XD 

  14. lol I still miss my teen years. xD Not the high school part tho. >_<

  15. You should of comment as a guest. You can also sign up to disque and change it. The new comment system is a pain!

    I <3 rambles. ;) My gameboy actually still works. Turned out my gameboy advance broke. I was messing with it earlier. xD


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