Thursday, May 5, 2011

I need modeling comp anonymous...

I'm freaking drain of ideas for modeling pictures and do you know I'm sitting here wishing I could find a couples modeling competition to enter?! WTF! I really am a addict. Danmit, I better not see one. Gawd, you know I'm a sucker for love and stuff. Must resist!!!!

Edit: So yeah anybody got a link to one? *looks around* I'll just lurk. *laughs nervously*


  1. I just started one:

    You can only submit one model, but multiple people are allowed. It's just that the model has to be the one wearing the CC ;)

    I won't feel bad if you don't join, this is good advertisement anyway ^.^

  2. Aha I just comment there. I can't join, but I'll be happy to lurk. :) Trying to stay out of comps if I don't see a couples one.

  3. Here's one:

    It only has 2 more spots left.

  4. I was looking for one where you enter a couple rather than one model. Thank you tho. I will lurk. :)


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