Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I know I'm late, but Scott pilgrim vs The World was awesome!

I had a total nerd moment while watching that last night. Squeeee! I love every moment of it. Video games, comics, sillyness and a pinch of anime thrown into one movie! Epic! <3
I want her makeup for sims! Hmmm...think I could do it? I'm not very good with makeup. >_<  Will definitely make some sims inspired by the characters. ^_^


  1. I almost went to the movies and saw it, but I wasn't sure about it. So I'm not alone in seeing it just now. xD Didn't expected it to be so awesome! Totally nerdy in a good way. <3

  2. Omg! I totally did the same thing! I love this movie, such a good shout out to all the nerds in the world! :D

  3. I might watch it again this weekend. :D Definitely going in my fav movie list.

  4. I just saw this movie recently too! It was so loveably nerdy, lol. :)


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