Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In-Game picture spam! Mikey + Nicki *Updated with 2 extra pics*

Well I've been slowly getting back into actually playing sims. All the competitions and things going on took me away from actually playing the game itself. Then I decided do something out of the norm. I made two emo/scene type of sims, which is pretty normal for me if you didn't know. I'm not scene or anything like that, but I'm obssesed with the fashion.
Anyway, I made two guys as you can see and they are sooo cute together! I usually make females for all my male sims (and vice versa), but I decided to make them a couple. Pretty out of the norm for me. I think the last gay couple I ever made was when I first got sims 3 and just had the base game. Click read more for more pics. Nothing too lovely dovey, but just cuteness and some funny pictures. <3

Note: I use to do this in Sims 2 to change it up a bit, so it's not new to me. Just been awhile. :P

Props to the Mare's Nest/Jazz hand for making the awesome MCR shirt and poster!
Mikey fainted after he got a tattoo. Guess it's the coward trait. ROFL!
Chi made the painting in the back. Isn't it awesome?!
<3 <3 <3 More later and I might upload them soon.

In case you were wondering how he look without glasses.


  1. Oh yai, cookies and someone who knows good facts! He's great btw, looks just like Mikey >_<

  2. GAH! Must... have... MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE WALL ART!!!!!
    Linky? :3


    Shirts included! :D

  4. Crap, I keep forgetting about the reply feature...

  5. lol My phone chimes when I get a email and I get emails everytime someone comments with disqus. xD I just happen to be sitting here and know JH made them. Plus I haz ninja skills. ;P

    I keep forgetting about edit.

  6. I'm not the only one who saw the name 'Mikey' and instanly thought 'MCR related,' no?

    I loves Mikey >_<

  7. lol Yep. :P Ding ding. You get a cookie. Only one who notice. xD


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