Thursday, May 26, 2011

*News Flash!!!* Another troll gets caught in the act! Identity revealed!

Well usually I would just ban them and go on about my day. This little twerp comment isn't really worth my time, but I do check ip numbers when someone is intentionally being rude or nasty. The thing is, I got a funny feeling that this ip location would match with someone I had replied to just recently here. Never did I expect it would be someone who comment here recently with apologies and sob stories.

Well the ip of the above comment was...

From Chicago Illinois. Remember that as it will be quite important in few. So like I said someone begging for forgiveness and swearing down they were not a troll came over to my blog with his sob stories after commenting on Sims News about how sorry he was. Yes, I had been talking about him on my cbox, but I simply said he sure doesn't help his image with all his whining. Didn't even say it that way, but that's what it was and turned out to be.
So yes it was Simcrazed. Need proof you said?
Notice it's from a Verizon wireless connection. Means it was posted from a cell phone and not the internet service of the comment above. Well guess where it's from? You can already tell from the cut off part where this is going...
Same place, same exact location! Ding ding we have a loser!
Now I leave you with the comment I left for him. Notice I didn't blow up or get angry.
I will say it again, if your not a troll prove it with your actions. Don't say your sorry and then comment on someone's blog to get them upset. I didn't need Mare or Sims News to see that you were a troll. I wanted to give you a chance to prove yourself though, but all you did was show your true colors. Your pathetic Simcrazed! You are a troll.


  1. He's not a very smart Troll is he. 

  2. lol Did he really think changing from his phone to his computer would work?! Just wow. Not smart at all! 

  3. Hi jps!
    Yes, the fail is strong with this one! I find it simply amusing! :D

  4. LOL Classic...

  5. Wow..."How not to Troll" 

  6. lol I stand by my info. He got caught. Plain and simple.

  7. SimCrazed can denounce his trolldom all he wants but he is one of the biggest trolls on the forum!  He is a dickless little boy!  He is like the thug who uses a gun to replace the dick he doesn't have....only SimCrazed uses the report button instead of a gun!  Then he tries to act all nicey, nice!  He is most certainly a hypocrite and a crybaby!  I am so glad others are beginning to see the truth about him!


  8. Thanks for sharing, I will bookmark and be back again

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