Sunday, May 29, 2011

Remember that club I was building? A small update

I try to limit the cc I used for it as I know a lot people don't want go hunting for mountings of cc when it comes to lots. Well I don't. xD I did add some the paintings I made and a skull to give a more gothic feel. Suppose to be a gothic-like theme. Anyway, this also help test my game. So far no crashing since cleaning it and getting it checked out. Yay! *knocks on wood* I'm extremely slow when it comes to building, so it might be awhile till I finish. Almost done.


  1. lol I know! It's extremely hard not to use some cc. I also tried to narrow it down to just base game and LN stuff. Was pretty impossible. Never notice WA has such nice furniture. :P

  2. i have the same problem tho, i try to make lots CC free if im going to be uploading them, but them im really constricting my choices and i end up not liking the place. alot of the things i download are building things, new windows/doors, paint, so not using them seems almost a crime lol

  3. Thanks. ^_^ Hopefully I'll have it finish one day. Taking me forever. xD


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