Sunday, March 14, 2010

Things you can do while temp banned!

First thing, first I'm not banned! I'm bored and I like listing things! While I was temp banned awhile ago I learned some things. Here is my list:
  1. If your banned for 72 hours, then they mean 72 hours! If you were banned on Wednesday at 7pm, then on that Friday at 7pm, only then your ban is over. At the percise time you got hit with ban hammar 3 days from it, no exceptions.  
  2. Gifts are messages you pay for. When your banned you can use the store as well as the gift system and if your trying to get the word out, this comes in handy. I did this to contact a forum buddy of mines. It was before I had a blog. I was so lonely and no one had any idea I was banned. Spent most the night and morning I was banned thinking how I would get in contact with someone, when the gift system popped into my head. Only con to that, is the store isn't cheap, and you have to have points.
  3. Location, Location, Location. Under my preferences you can change your location. I never tested the siggy so I won't say , but if your loacation can be changed, then most likey anything else under that section can be. The con to that is that most likey no one will notice and will probably be wondering how you changed your location when your supposed to be banned. I did this though the very night of my temp ban. I was curious as to what I could do while being banned and I was surprised it worked. Anyway it said "I'm banned! I found a loophole EA! Take that! ...:-(" and no one saw it. That was before gifts came to mind. ;-) If your ever temp ban though try changing your sig. Might get more people's attention if you change your siggy.
  4. Eveyone should know this! Don't log out! If you get a email while logged in, stay logged in. You can still post till you logged out or they log you out. Most people like myself though don't see the email till they are logged out. I try to make it a habit to check my email before logging out. 
Ok that's all I have. You are very limited to what you can do when banned and the best advice is don't get banned or try not too!

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  1. lol thanks for the tips! ill try not to get temp banned though. XD


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