Monday, March 22, 2010

"World judge group", party of one and coconuts!

After I got banned I had decided to not post anything on him and the thread that was part of my ban, but today I stumble upon his recent stupidity antics on the forum. Lately he has been trying get people to join "the world judging group" as he calls it. No one joined as we haven't forgotten his little joke and why do worlds need to be judge anyway. So after failing at that, he decided to judge a world himself, Coconut island.

Coconut island is beautiful tropical world/island where sims live off of skill, not jobs and it's suppose to give a deserted feel, but of course dear BJ (hehe) didn't get it. I have it in my game and I'm quite pleased by the way. Get it here! Anyway it's enough with all the work it takes to get thse worlds up and running, but then be judge by someone who never created world in his life. Many like myself asked where was his world credentials and how was he quailfy to judge anything:

Then many others showed their dismay, telling to quit this mess while BosnialFTW pointed out the lack members.

Then BJ added in his own language which I could barely understand myself that his 2 "cuzs"(cousins) were in his group. Ok, are they simmers and how are they even more quailfied, at less one of them is CAW expert?
Of course Little V pointed out the obvious that him, himself, and I were part of the "group" even though these cousins he's speaks of might be judges. He never mentioned them being simmers though and well I could care less....lets continue.
Yes. Again he confuse even me in his bad english, but he admitted it was just him and his I mean cousins.

My advice bjrockstar if anything please stop putting the spotlight on yourself. Just when we had almost forgot your last stupidity, you come again with something!

BJ has manage to make himself look like a complete idiot and failed troll again in simmers eyes so I think we know what's next....
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  1. BJrockstar*ts3 forum=no friends! What a dunce that poor guy is. It's almost sad how hard he tries... he just goes about the whole process so wrong on so many levels.

  2. I legit can't understand what he types!

    That guy can't win, he does dumb things, after dumb things, after more dumb things..


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