Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Firestar nooooo!

EA great job! A piece of work you are! Firestar was banned today because of the morons that are EA! Good job at looking even more like assholes!
EA SUCKS Pictures, Images and Photos
EA sucks Pictures, Images and Photos
Oh I forgot to mention how ironic this is...
Funny that its locked now, Hmmm?


  1. ;_; I hope it's not permanantly. I would have to rape EA. I didn't even recieve an email or anything that said I was banned! Wtf is up with that bullshit! Urgh. I will shove my bat up their ass. Gawd.

    /end rant

    Btw, it's firestarrrr.

  2. Firestar!!! Your alive! jk The mods banning you was bullshit though! Stupid mods!

  3. this is really bullshit. theye had no decent reason to ban firestar. and after all their 'oo we feel your pain,' crap.


  4. i know. they are definitely not winning anybody with thier unfair bans! for a min i thought they were actually concern. i should of known when they didn't answer my question on why other forums have a OT sections when we don't.

  5. I'll be back on Friday. I got banned for posting my facebook. :'(

  6. facebook. they of should still gave you warning. :-/

  7. That's what I said! A warning would suffice, not a ban. ):<


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