Thursday, March 18, 2010

I just ate garlic and spagehtti! Is it important?

Nooooo! But I could kill a vampire right now with my breath! A sparkly one! Sorry twilight fans!
Sprakle, sparkle, sparkle... Pictures, Images and Photos

And don't give me any crap about garlic doesn't hurt twilight vampires! I don't know and don't care! *sticks tongue out*
Oh yes the first of many silly thoughts! Goodnight!


  1. 'Look at me i sparkle' *snort* xD Love it!
    I'm all for "adding your own flair" to your work - But come one! I mean what kind of drug was she on, when she wrote that? Lol! X

  2. strikes fear into the hearts of men, doesnt it? heheheh
    'ah here comes that bloodsucking fiend!!! you can tell by the sparkles!!'

  3. run away!!! he will blind us with his diamond like skin!

  4. i wonder if they fart rainbows too?

  5. Thanks, Zeri - i now have lemonade all over my screen, Lol!


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