Sunday, March 21, 2010

I agreed with Jarsie! Hide! Its the end of world!

I wanted to give a screenshot for proof, but it got cut off. Here is what she said completely and got to agree. 0_0 I know run for the hills!

"Now...of all the silly things that I've seen on this thread, this is the silliest thing I've heard you say yet, WizardOfSmoz.
#1) If you and the OP don't like the complaints, then your solution is simple: Don't read the complaints. Stop trying to censor people. You don't have that right. Telling people to "shut their traps" isn't the way to go.

#2) If you don't think EA isn't advertising their own games on this board, then you're either blind or ignorant. Or possibly both. The first thing I see when I log onto the forum on the home page, are the big screens scrolling by with the ads for the latest expansion packs and stuff pack and for the base game itself, not to mention the Store ads that hype the featured content of the week. That *IS* EA advertising their own games, whether you recognize it as such or not. It becomse even *more* obvious on The Sims 2 forum where you now see nothing but ads about the Sims 3. Those other little ads you talk about is how they pay the expenses so that they can keep running this place without having to pay out of their *own* pockets. And that's *not* what CeleSeraphym was talking about.

#3) I have been accused of taking a high and mighty tone with my replies to some of these types of post, but I have to say that you and the OP take the cake when it comes to high and mighty. I don't like the complaint posts either, and lots of times I just ignore them. I *will* however reply when I feel the person posting their complaint post is going over the top and making demands they have no right to make.

4) EA is a mega-big corporation. As CeleSeraphym says this BBS isn't here to make you feel's one big advertising forum for *their* products (see point #2) So, yeah, people have every right to voice their discontent...although, I personally, think at least one snail mail to the corporation sent by the complainer will be at least as effective as putting up a rant on the BBS here.

Last but not least...tolerance is a two way street. If you expect people to tolerate your "stop complaining and shut up and kiss EA's tush" attitude, then you should be as tolerant of the "EA is a mega evil corporation" crowd and just agree to disagree. Otherwise, you put yourself in the position of continuing the argument for the sole purpose of proving yourself to be the superior mind.

And that, my friend, accomplishes absolutely nothing."
I couldn't say it better myself. I think have to go lay down now. Agreeing with Jarise. Oh my.
The thread:


  1. I have to say - in this one particular reply.... *big breath*.... she makes a very good point.... damnit >_<

    Apocolypse is coming!! Ahhhhhh!

  2. I know! I'm scare! It's truly the end of the world now!

  3. LOL I'm in the minority here, and I know you'll all hate me for saying it...but...I agree with Jarsie a LOT of the time. Not when she's being overly catty, but when she brings up valid points about EA and the actions/expectations/entitlement/etc. of some simmers.

    I never had a problem with her on the TS2 site, and she's never been ugly to me personally (on the contrary, we talked back & forth a few times on Sporum).

    But yeah, I understand your shock at agreeing with her -- and it's not even 2012 yet...o_O

  4. i have agreed with her a time or two, but overall she's an ass to people just because she CAN be. (and likes it) but she does on occasion make a valid point.

  5. I think she can be mean, but I respect her for giving her opinion and not caring what people say about her.I kinda agree with her...

    But what's with all the **s?

  6. somebody was comlaining about people complaining. They thought we should give EA a break and thank them for all their hard work. then someone said complainers should shut up about EA and then it went from there. thread is still there. they were trying to make excuses for EA really.

  7. Well I have to say I am actually going to agree with her on this. She is still a bitch. lol

  8. Wow. I actually agree. heh. xP

    Well this time at least >.>

  9. Jarsie comes from logic not emotion and most of the complaint threads come from emotion. Logic and emotion are like oil and water...they don't mix well!

    'Course, she is still an ass because she is so smug about it!


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