Monday, March 22, 2010

Our racy little contest still needs members!

Limited Boundaries Contest
Needs 12 more entires! Win 400 simpoints!
Picture from Limited Boundaries Contest Blog
So racy EA would probably ban us if we advertised it there! Yes that is a rose covering him. If you want to join a mature, but classy modeling contest along with a troll free and fun forum sign up here!
Rules and guidelines here


  1. Vid if I have to cancel this I'm just gonna gift you with the 400 points because you have just been super awesome in helping me get this contest advertised! It's hard because I can't ad on the ts3 forum...I did add it to facebook sims...we will see! :-)

  2. i hope it works and your welcome. u don't have to gift me for it, if it does get cancel. i hope it doesn't. :-(


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