Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sorry about that!

Well I think I'm suffering a cold or allergies today.Sick smiley Pictures, Images and Photos Both involve me feeling like crap and both come around when it gets just warm enought to be consider warm! (I hope that made sense) Well that's why I'm a little late today with updating. I will try to update this blog everyday if I have the time! I did at least read alot of the novel I been reading lately. Anyway I have some bad news forum addicts just in case you didn't see this! Came in 52 mins ago! How neat too! I was hoping some news popped up! Well not this kinda of news! :-/ Wait just a mintue! Oh and cool I have 10 followers! Thank you! I < 3 you guys! You too Mare! Thank you to everyone!

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