Friday, March 19, 2010

A interview?

No fairs! Well Ruthless is talented! ^_^
This is how many interview would go...
Hydra: Vidkid your so brillant! We mods should bow down to you! Please tell us who is your favorite mod? You don't have to say it, me right?
Vidkid: Noooo! Poptart and becase her name makes me hungry! I want a poptart dammit!
Hydra: Ok. We we get you one in a few! Which one is your favorite sim?
Vidkid: All the ones you culled! Haha just kidding! You haven't culled them... yet! *stares down*
Hydra: Oh scary! What should do with our site? You seem to know so much!
Vidkid: Take cull away, add pm, add lolcats, and more llamas! Dammit I wants llamas! And give me a the ban hammer so I can play wack a troll!
Hydra: Oh best ideas yet! Why are you so random?
Vidkid: Becuase I'm random!
Hydra: Ok last question. Will you ever buy points?
Vidkid:Nooooo! Does it look like I want to buy points women! Where is my poptart? *slaps Hydra around* Danm you EA!
and that how it would go! ;-)


  1. "Vidkid: Because I'm random!"

    I think you'll find that i'm Random =P
    Bad joke >_< but i couldn't help myslef! Its the fingers! They move on their own xD

  2. lol ur forgiven. i never thought of it in that way though. ^_^

  3. Random, I thought the same thing! And I had a feeling you would come here and say that...I really AM psychic... xD j/k


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