Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Attention please...

I have a new label called ts3 moments where you can find all the funny moments ts3 offers, some from myself and other simmers. A new list called Things I use... Should be on your right side under labels. These will be helpful things and things you will need to download some sims. As I said all my sims are labeled sims. Just click sims on the side under labels. Will be doing a little cleaning up with post that were not really important. I don't do many lots, but I do have two and when I get the time I will continue my story sims clue. Thank you everyone! 25 followers! I'm amazed! Thank you so much!
Also thank you Mare for a recent post you just did! You made my day! Also since the mods are always locking fun threads I will not always have news to post and well I'm not Mare! lol Mare is FTW when it comes to news!
And well now I'm going do somethin non-internet related again as I do have a life for the most part! Yes vidkid has a life? It's amazing! lol
Danm typos!

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