Friday, March 12, 2010

EA, when did glitches become bloopers?

Just becuase I was sick doesn't mean I didn't see that! I have a phone with internet and often peep at the forums using it! You might of took the sticky down in shame, but I saw it using my forum ninja ways! Plus its still in the news section!
While seeing what you simmers were up too yesterday I happen to see a sticky saying "hilarious bloopers!" I'm like oh wow I want to laugh, let's see....huh? mean glitches? That are still not fixed? What I read in the sticky by the way was glitches that happen while they working on the game. Well they must did a bang up job fixing them, becuase they still occur now! Let's continue...
Glicth #1

Still happens and why on earth would any of those names you pick would be funny or cool to use! Of course you were going to get some weird combinations with those butt ugly names! Not funny!
Glitch #2 and #3
Still happens! I've seen these glitches and the people who have them are not amused! So how are these fuuny? Seems like a slap in the face to gamers who still have glitches! I didn't list all of them, but I know for a fact these still occur! Instead of making light of it and expecting us to laugh with you, how about you fix them first! Pretty much shows that they didn't take their time fixing anything and that think too highly of themselve to even realize that the game still have glitches that aren't laughable. So haha good one EA! Way to make a fool of yourselves!
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  1. Holy crap in a pita...that's too ridiculous for words... o_O

  2. LOL epic fail for EA number......ive lost count. -.-


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