Saturday, March 20, 2010

6 sad days all in one day..update actually 7!

No I'm not kidding. This was posted 6 times today and counting.

Thank you Pink and Lunabear! This is proof and I have posted in every thread so far, counting them off. Is your day that sad Hazel6791 and why couldn't you bump the original, which was being answered till the third one popped up. Hmmm....will it be a seventh time?! Is it really that sad to make 6, maybe even 7  threads? Can she please stop having a sad day!?

no spam Pictures, Images and Photos
Musicc Pictures, Images and PhotosYou had a sad day
You're taking it out on us now

You sing a bad song just to make a funny joke
You say you don't know

You tell me don't lie
You work up a frown and you post too many times

You had a sad day
You had a sad daymusic note Pictures, Images and Photos

*sung to the melody of Bad Day by Daniel Powter*
Be glad you can't hear me actually sing that!
Also check Lunabear new blog here! Luna also covers the sad day! ^_^
I missed the 7th one.

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