Friday, March 19, 2010

My thoughts on the forum and my return...

Ok. I should be back tomorrow or later today. I'm not sure when I got banned so I'm not sure what time or what day exactly, because what I got banned for, was the night before and I could post that afternoon (well I got one post in). Anyway I can't post facepalms, thats for sure! Lolcats? No dophinz got banned for that (hi dophinz). Hmmmm?........ You killing the very essesnce that is me!!!! Seriously though I'm not sure what my first post back will be. I'm still mad about it and I would like this issue to be address. What can we do? Are facepalm/fail pictures a offense now? Lolcats? What can we do? I really want to know. Don't I have a right to know? Sure I would adding to complaint threads, but I be would making people aware that a fail pic can get you banned there and further saying that bans should be look into more as this here was not offenses, vulgar, or anything that was said in my email posted here and it was harmless fun. Is fun allowed anymore? Will I be banned again for simply having fun? Also who in the world is reporting people for silly things like this? Even if I rubbed you the wrong way, did I deserve to be banned? Have we become that petty? Well I tend to forget the site is full of kids and teens, but seriously should that matter? If your going to report at least have the balls to tell me and don't go sneaking around like a snake. I have a idea who and as this person seems to have split personalities. One mintue their agreeing with me, next mintue I'm so annoying. Like make up your fucking mind, kiss off and grow up! Stop being petty! They're alot report button addicts though. People who will come in a thread trying to get you all fired up and when they got you, they got you. I was banned the first time for that by Avie, but I reported her as well. She was a snort nose brat I should never tangled with. Good riddance! Another person who I don't understad is Jarsie. Oh yes I'm naming people! I can be very truthful and blunt sometimes. Well Jarsie I like that she is opinionated and strong, but she pushes everything she said down our throats and thinks all of us are silly mindless kids. She also likes to report people, especially any thread mentioning Mare. Another reporter is Little V and simply don't understand why as she came in with that attitude it seems. She likes to push buttons and recently she tried to with RepulsiveDesire (hi by the way). She loves to get you all fired up to the point you've said something out of line and she can report you. Get over yourself you snort nose brat! I hate people like you! Jumping in the end arugments just report them, which was what happen with the first ban. Keep your out nose of things you can't comprehend! Anyway they are plenty more people like her now and I'm going to point them out as time goes on! Sure these people will come after me now, but I don't care. I'm going be alittle more serious till things cool down anyways. As for the person I think reported me, it was someone who has been banned before. If this person guest it right good for you, now if your not going clear the air with me, then go away you little prick! If you guested it, then you win! Haha, back to the isusse. My first ban was more understandable as I was in arugment with Avie as I mentioned earlier. I got banned for saying "You come on here acting pompous, when your nothing but a rude little child, go suck on lollipop and take a nap", something of that nature. I remember the pompous part and bits and peieces. I didn't even cuss, but I was banned for it and leanred my lesson. "Don't feed troll." Well after that I swore to myself never again, but I'm back in the same situation accepet this time it's for a faceplam! A stupid fail picture! I would rather they ban me for standing up for someone or another argument. Just stupid and I disputing it as we speak. It bothers me though because now I can be banned for anything. What's next lolcat and dancing gif? I have a feeling that Lunaber (hi luna) was banned for the same thing as she was in the very same thread with fail pictures. Whoever reported us get a sense of humor! What is even more dusturbing is the troll/op of that thread got away with making 4 differnet threads that all got deleted one by one, that was supposely a unfunny joke that could easily turned out to be flame war. Instead the next day Gurupoptart wanted join his party like the air head she is. Click here for the story. I wonder though do they know what really goes on? I personally don't think so and thats sad. What do they do then? Make useless stickies to butter us up? Another ban (later revoked) is Lady Em. Getting banned for asking where I was. Are people banned, crimanals? Why can't people who are ban be mentioned? It wasn't like I got perma and was gone forever. I'm begining to think a moderator has found dislike in me, but maybe they just enjoys banning people. I see why people leave now. Anyway I will return to the EA forum with not so happy face this time, but I will return for the people who want me too. I do miss you guys and I saw all the ban threads. The protest picture was amazing! Bravo my fellow simmers! Anyway with so many new people (which isn't bad just I miss the oldies, but goodies), trolls and these bans happening I'm just about done with the forum, but I'll come back as I did before. Let just hope it all gets better and if not you know where I will be.
Thank you if your read all this. Can't believe it got this long! ^_^


  1. i remember that thread with Avie... i actualy reporter her for her harassment of you. its the one and only time i ever reported anyone.

    i think she did get a temp ban for that as well, i didnt see her for a few days

  2. i think avie was the first time i reported someone too, then the niko guy.
    oh and hi Zeri! ^_^

  3. yeah if anyone ever deserved a permaban, it was niko hahah


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