Monday, March 8, 2010

Maybe Spore isn't much different from us after all! Well...

Well EA hasn't fixed our forum and I was peeking at one of EA's favorites, Spore and stumble over something! Well first off never played the game and I'm not a member, but I would like to list what I've seen over there!

1. We know Spore has pm, we don't!
2. They don't have avatars really like we do! That's something! Instead they have stars representing staues like "mouthbreather." Don't ask!
3. No OT section like us which I found kinda surprising! Spain sim 3 forum has a OT section by the way.
4. Their forum is really fast!
5. Links to email each other! We don't even have pm and they got more than one way to communicate!?
6. Their forum still works, ours is down. Go figure!

Ok now this is the kicker! Click it to see it better!

And from what I read the ban hammer is just as bad as on our forum and they complain about it like us too, accept they get banned for their creations. Creations they deem to bring the rating up. I also read players there are going left and right over there for silly things. Sounds famliar? I guess EA shines their ban hammer where ever they go! Not even Spore is safe!
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