Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cats, pretzels, and a dirty troll! Hide the kiddies!

Well after spending some time in CAS today, I decided to check out the forums and happen see one of the hardest working simmers out there for his directory and many other achievements, Walden95 posting. Dear Walden had made a light hearted thread and it's very rare for him to make a thread as he is always busy:
Pretty normal, right?
Ok Clownseatyou *snickers at name*? Like wut?
Oh thanks teakersneakers....what? What the hell?

Ok. After that lovely we were informed that we had another gem from cocky *snicker* troll in the form of a thread.
Well at least this wasn't referring to her last comment. Kids its safe now! *wipes forehead* Get your minds out the gutter!
Well comments came in ranging from why to please stop the madness, kinuko strongly suggested  lolcat will go endanger if we eat them. Poor kitties!

Our lovely new troll then let us know that we had backup- loldogs which are just as cute, but not as good.
Then Simaddict said what was on everyones' mind.

Well at least dear Bjrockstar wasn't a part of this, even though the name BJ would of fit perfectly into this. All I can say is....

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