Sunday, January 12, 2014

The diary of Henry Edgars- Start of a legacy? (Part 1)

If you haven't been reading, Henry Edgars is my vamp model from the Vampire Immorality comp and my SN household. I was actually planning to move him out of my SN household to make more room for babies, but then I got terribly bored with Sims. Then after watching the movie Sleepy Hollow, I got inspired. I scrapped all the saves I was bored with and started a legacy in Midnight Hollow with Henry. He's arguably one of my favorite sims and I only put him in my SN save, because I wanted a excuse to have him around. So moving him out and making a legacy with him just seemed logical. I always wanted to do a legacy and a vampire legacy is even more fitting! My MH save with Jack and his evil wife has been deleted though, but I plan on adding them into the town so I can watch them from afar. My SN household is still intact and I'll return to it eventually. As of right now, Henry is the star of show and in search of a bride! With his new hairdo, I'm sure he won't have a problem. Handsome devil. :D

So like I said before I plan on making it a legacy of sorts. The "?," is because I'll be lucky to get pass the 1st generation with my attention spam. We'll see. Well I'm going have heirs and they will be no cheating. Er...well I cheated a little with the kaching cheat. Henry needed a computer for his writing, so he could make some money. He only has roughly 200 dollars in his pocket, so it was hardly cheating and I brought the cheapest computer available. So I'm starting off broke. Makes it more fun.

Another important note, I may write these post as if he's writing them like I did in my comp entries with him. No this will not be another story, because I fail at finishing stories. I just feel like it would be more interesting and possibly humorous if written in first-person. If it starts to feel lame or if I get bored with doing this, then I'll go back to the usual 3rd person. lol Soooo....

My name is Henry Edgars and I have moved into the gloomy town of Midnight Hollow.

Upon moving in I met my next door neighbor, Kara. I found her to be quite cute.
So I tried to seduce her, but she wasn't having any of it. I think we were just too incompatible trait wise. Such a pity. I went home promptly after this as I know when I'm not wanted.
I tried to make ends meet with my writing as time went on. I found myself truly inspired by the unusual locals. I even wrote a best seller called Sleepy Hollow.
 Then one day this mysterious person showed up at my door. I asked him who he was and he immediately began sprouting orders at me.
 While I was tempted to break his neck, I obliged. Anything to get him off my door step and back to whatever world he was rambling about.
 After finding all his strange tube like thingys, I went into my house to find him staring at my toilet. What a strange human he was. I told him to make haste as his mere presence was quite annoying, but he began rambling more about time traveling. He even gave me an almanac. Like I need one of those!
 So he went back into his weird contraption that he just so happen to leave on my front lawn and disappeared. 
 Interesting it was. Maybe one day I shall try this thing out. 
 After those events, I took it upon myself to visit my neighbor Kara again. She was dressed in the most undesirable garbs, but I decided she would be my dinner tonight.
 I hypothesized her with my dark powers.
 Then she succumbed to me. 
 Amusing how easily these humans can be tricked into feeding my thirst.
After I was done, I bid her goodbye as she stared at me with a daze.
 Shortly after I left her house and went to bed, I had a unwanted visitor. A thief.
 Unfortunately, the scum got away! Ughhhhhh!!!
 I did manage to call the police as he made away in his getaway car....
 But Midnight Hollow finest are complete idiots. They came too late, despite the police station being right around the corner!
 I was beyond disgusted!
 Now I am without a shower! I haven't the money for this! The neat freak in me is crying!
 After that disastrous night, I couldn't sleep. It also didn't help that someone was shrieking outside my window. So I went to search this person out.
 It was horrible. I assume she was in some type of pain, so I left her to her crying.
 I also had a lovely chat with Kara. Too bad she's unfit to be my bride.
 Now I have ran into a problem. I must unclog my toilet and I haven't showered at all today. 
I must get clean!

Will he find a shower? Will he find a bride? Find out in my next legacy storyish post and please do tell me if you're liking it so far!  Hopefully I can stick with this, since I'm not planning out scenes and it just me playing. :)

By the way he's not getting a shower via cheats. He's gotta earn it! He has his first best seller, so maybe he'll have some cash soon. I also have a outtake! The robbery you saw wasn't exactly his first.

He got robbed by this person first.
 He was fast asleep through the whole thing and didn't call the cops in time.
 But then I had him call them anyway. Big mistake!
 The police said he would fine him 500 dollars for calling up for nothing. Well if he had been there a few mins earlier, it wouldn't of been nothing!
 Well as I said before he's poor, so he took the most expensive thing- his computer.
Since this is his only income, I quit the game without saving and restarted it to only get robbed again. lol Thankfully the computer was spare that time.

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  1. Lol at the lady in pain outside the window!

    I'd be gutted if someone stole my shower. The bathtub is my second favourite place after my bed. I hope Henry succeeds in regaining a full bathroom. (It's quite good reading this a bit late, as I can find out straight away - read on!)


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