Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The legacy and diary of Henry Edgars- The Beginning (Part 2)

The only reason I got more pics for this is I had some left over and I started playing right after the first post. Remember Henry narrator/speaker. Not sure how much I can keep up with it being written like a story. lol  I may break character in my next post depending on what happens. Meanwhile at the gym...

After some thought, I decided the gym was the appropriate place for a hot shower.

I ran all the way there and thank goodness I made it when I did. I ran into the most interesting human. Her name was Eliza.
Something about her was oddly attractive. For a min I almost mistaken her for a vampire. She had the ghoulish qualities of one.  
We talked for quite awhile. I didn't even have to hypnotize her! Amazing!
Then I asked her for some blood....
....and she gave it to me willingly! I didn't know such humans exist! 
Her blood was fantastic!
I was so taken by her I gave her flowers. 
When she left I had to fan myself. So creepy and hot!
So I went and took a cold shower once I got back into the gym.
After I got home and took a nap, I got a call.
It was her!
I immediately asked her on a date.
We went to the summer festival. Cheesy I know, but humans seemed to like these places.
She met me there on time. 
We talked.
I read her mind as it's too boring to truly get to know a human.
Then we thew water balloons at each other as this is supposedly fun to mortals.
I hit her once.
But she hit me back twice. 
I began to hate the game then. How can anyone like this? How can she like this? My nice clean attire got wet!
After that we decided to go skating. It was a great excuse to dry myself off.
I was just too fast for her as I skated circles around her.
I then called her to come over.
We goofed off.
Flirted and then....
She yelled at me like a crazy woman!
I have no idea what I did to provoke her. I wasn't even sure about what she said.
I pleaded with her to calm down,....
*sigh*....but we parted ways after that. What a nutcase! To think I spent 50 dollars on her!
I went home a bit rattled by my date and decided to call up my other potential bride, Lucy.

We met online and had talked on the phone recently. She wasn't very pleased to hear I had met up with Eliza, but she found humor in my disaster of a date.

Once I calmed down, I wrote...

and brooded all night.

Then I was awoken by my doorbell.

It was Lucy. We met face to face for the first time.

As soon as she came, she left unfortunately to go work or do some mortal duty.

Disappointed I was, but I decided it was time for a shower and made my way to the gym. I still couldn't afford to buy my own.

With my luck though, I found myself having to be a repairman. The shower sprung a leak.

Oh how awkward! Help!

He still pretty poor. If I can get just enough money for a shower, he'll be doing good. As for his choice in a wife, I haven't a clue. Eliza isn't the most attractive, but the attraction system drew them together. Lucy on the other is more attractive. Hmmm...no matter who wins will get a slight makeover. lol

P.S. Vampires do have many lovers, so maybe both. ;)

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  1. Good grief, imagine being trapped in a shower at the gym while someone else starts mopping up around you!

    Eliza certainly looks more his style but you can always vamp-up Lucy a bit if she is chosen.

    Reading on.....! :D


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