Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Henry's legacy/diary: Katarina or Eliza? Henry made his choice!

I'm back with new pics. Snow makes great simming weather. It wasn't the huge storm I was hoping for, but it was a nice amount. Anyway, Henry love life is going great. He still can't afford to wine and dine the girls, but one step at a time I guess.

He's been getting along with Katarina quite nicely. He decided to send her a woohoo text one day.

 Didn't think she would come over, but she did. Eliza missed out since she declined.
She really did miss out!
 Aw so cute and so wrong since she's married!

 She had a little strut as she left to go home.
 He then went over to Kara's house to get a "drink" and a shower. Um....*points to microwave*

 Random pic of a ghost girl on a bike. The ghost family in this town is awesome b/w!
 After their smexy night, Katarina gifted Henry this. He sold it of course, but the woohoo must of been good. ;)
 Then Katarina invited him to her Halloween party.
 Her husband didn't approve.
 Henry even had the balls to show up to the party in matching scuba gear. Seriously I didn't plan that at all. He randomly chose that and was I like "oh snap! Oh no he didn't!" O_O
 They look quite cute in their matching costumes.
 Jack wasn't pleased though. He even yelled at them while holding the baby.
 Henry later caught him outside and slapped him with a glove. It's a duel!
 By the way, I was quite impressed with the costumes at the party. Did EA improve on it or something?! I even had tricker-treaters come to my house in one save.

 The next day I got a popup saying Katarina tuned, but I also got a popup saying Jack Limb had enough and moved out!!!! O_o So I'm guessing they got a divorce?! OMG I actually broke up the marriage and didn't even have to ask her to break up with him! AWESOME! HENRY WON!!!

So he invited her over and she came still dressed in her costume. LOL Thankfully she changed later.
 Henry got a quick shower at the premium dance lot from the store. I planned on having them dance, but for some reason he kept canceling the action.
I sent them to an art gallery and that is when I finally got a good look at her as a vamp. Very pretty. With some different hair, she'll make a good vampire wife.

 They didn't really look at any art.
 Henry cut to the chase and asked her to be his girlfriend. I would of waited awhile, but the SP mod tried to set her up with someone else right after the divorce. I refuse to break up another relationship. lol 
They ended up back at Henry place, because it's way cheaper to entertain a date at home.
 She had to leave shorty afterward, but I decided to end things with Eliza once she was gone.
 For once she came over, so Henry could end things fast. She tried to be all flirty.
 I even thought about keeping her around and turned her, but....
 she end showing her true colors.

 So they officially broke up and are just friends. Sorry Eliza.
 After that, Henry got invited to another party. A formal dress party at Kara's.
 During the party he took time to write to his love, Katarina. He can't at home since he can't afford a kitchen table. xD
 All the ladies seem to love him. You would think he had the irresistible trait. She wanted a date too. 
Heck guys even flirt with him. Geez! The man is trying to stay faithful for goodness sakes!
So Eliza lost out on getting Henry. I would of kept them both, but I didn't want Katarina to get snatch up again and it just seem like a good opportunity for him to commit. Plus Eliza started dating someone else while she was with Henry. Even with SP mod turned down, relationships still happen fast. Oh well. Now to work on getting some more cash, a marriage and babies!

P.S. Speaking of babies, not sure if Jack (the ex-husband) left with their kid. I would hope so. If not, Henry may have to become a step-dad to a child who hates him already. >_<


  1. Ah well that's Eliza's loss. She was one strange lady.

    Erm, what is happening with that floating microwave!

    1. I kind of wish I had got Eliza pregnant, so I could see what kind kids she would make with Henry. She's definitely an odd one.

      The microwave and the ghost was so random. I was watching them talk and just happen to look over their shoulders. Was so weird. xD


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