Friday, January 3, 2014

The last day for my blog theme poll. We need more I means sims!

I extended the date! So far fantasy is winning in the polls! I'm a bit intimated by that theme, but you shall get it if it wins!

As for sims, I'm thinking about biting the bullet and installing Into The Future! I downloaded a bunch of hair last night and I'm actually thinking about playing for once. Hmmm...I'm just not sure if I should play the game without the ep first in case all hell breaks loose from the patch or if I should just install it. Decisions! Decisions!

I think I may check out Lunar Lakes without the ep first. I never really got into that world and I think it would be a perfect place for when I do play ITF. I also got a fantastic gift from a certain blogger whose name starts with a W and I'm dying to see how that is. ;)

Stay tune. Hopefully Walking Dead doesn't suck me back in. I haven't played it in 3 days and it's giving the evil eye right about now. 0_o

P.S. As for me in case you're wondering, I'm trying to wait for my new insurance card to come in the mail. I can't get checked out at this certain clinic without it and it's taking forever. Are they trying to kill me?! -_-

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