Thursday, January 30, 2014

*sigh* I did! It was finally finished! Then I found out it was corrupted! D:

After all this damn time (2 freaking years almost!) I finally made myself finish this and the f'ing thing turned out to be corrupted. I almost lost my game to it. Error 16 popped up twice when I try to save it's existence in my town and it then made my file have .bad behind it twice. If I hadn't had a backup save, my vampire legacy game would of been gone. To think I almost uploaded it. :/

 While testing it, I never saved and had no clue it would cause errors.

It's now been completely demolished. Doing that sucked majorly. F'ing devastating it was!
Well bye bar. For another time we shall meet again....well till I get the energy and patience to build you again. So long!

P.S. The only reason this took forever was the fact it way too big and never look like a bar till it's final stages. Now I  know what to do next time.

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  1. There’s no bigger pain in the fanny than seeing all your hard work go to waste in a matter of moments. You might want to find a fix in the forums, but they are rarely helpful. I never got around to playing The Sims 3. There was just so many expansion packs to keep count, even for the first Sims game. I really want to play them all but it's too much for my hard disk to handle :(

    Ruby @


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