Sunday, January 5, 2014

Thanks for the good times Twallan!

It's a sad day for sims! Twallan has officially retired and won't be modding for Sims 3 anymore. Who will fix the game now? EA certainly won't. If anything they'll break something else! OH...THE..... HORROR!!!!!!!
With the obvious sadness, I'm a little disappointed as well. IMO I  think he's leaving at the worse time, but it's his choice. He's not getting paid for it. EA may very well be done fixing it themselves with Sims 4 coming. He did warn of this day, but I just thought he would stick around to for the last few patches. A lot of people are having problems with the latest patch and ITF. I really hope someone can pick up the torch and make sense of the jumble up gltichy game we call the sims as time goes on.

As for EA, I also can blame some of that disappointment on them. We're on the last ep and the game is still not fixed! It's f'ing ridiculous! It is also a crying shame that most of us have been looking towards simmers and players alike to fix our games rather than the game developers. It's embarrassing and downright disgusting! When will they get their act together? Never? Probably.

Well....EA isn't going make sims perfect! We know that already. They could barely fix a sandwhich if given instructions. So Twallan, so long! Goodbye! Enjoy your retirement! Do feel free to update your mods if you do feel like it, but goodbye. You'll be missed! Without your mods, the game would be a big lump of glitches and empty towns. Since discovering the goodness of your mods a few years ago, I haven't played without them since. So thanks. Thanks for the good times. Thanks for the memories and the ones I will make in the future with your mods. Thank you!
By the way, I just installed Into The Future and will be testing those very mods out in a min. >_>

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  1. Just when I felt like opening my game up and giving it another go too! I couldn't have stuck it out this long without Twallan's help and with the extra something his mods added to the game. Thanks for all your fantastic work, Twallan, and enjoy your retirement!


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