Friday, January 17, 2014

The legacy/diary of Henry Edgars: New loves and scandal! Feedback plz!

I almost feel like I should be afraid, because I'm actually addicted to my game again. Last time that happen, I was playing IP and you know how that ended. Still pissed about that game. As for the new patch (1.66), ani't no way in hell I'm downloading it right now. LOL

Anyway, I will be writing this as myself and not as a story. A lot went on and got a lot pictures, so let's get to those!

Henry is still pretty poor. I have him writing a book of poetry, but it's taking awhile. One day after working on that very book, I got a popup saying Katarina Stewart got married to Jack Limb. I then remember that very sim lives next door to him, so I decided to visit. It was his first time going over there. I feel bad for not visiting sooner, because....

Katarina answered the door and sparks flew!
 She's actually quite pretty in a creepy doll sort of way.
 I decided to have him make friends with her. 
 But the conversation got quite flirty. 
 After talking awhile, Henry said hello to her hubby in the next room and he left.
 Then I had Henry invite Lucy over. No attraction hearts for them, but it was worth a shot.
 They talked and such, but it didn't work out. She ended up yelling at him too and leaving.
 So he was feeling a bit down, but he got a party invite from Barbie Doll Katarina. 
 It was quite a few people at the party.
 For some reason he got stuck talking to this guy though.
 Henry was thirsty, but dude refuse to give up the plasma! Selfish dude. lol
 Right before the party ended he did get to see Katarina. He was planning to bite her, but a little time after their first meeting she got pregnant. So the option to "drink" didn't show up.
 Then the busy guy got a call from his other chick, Eliza.
 They met at a restaurant.
 For some reason, Eliza wanted to stand outside in the pouring down rain and talk.
 It was kind of romantic and they even kissed. (Sorry I missed that moment)
 But she began yelling at him again. >_<
The date ended with a meh sorted rating. 

He's still needs a shower, so he still has to go the gym every morning. He met another one of his online dates, but he didn't have a real attraction to her either and she had someone.
 While talking to her, he looked over to see Eliza working out. 
They made out for once instead arguing! 

 I had him do a dip n' kiss interaction, because I never seen that interaction before. I love it! So cool and romantic! :o What ep did this come from?!!! ITF?
 He was gifted this decor item from Eliza shorty after their day at the gym. Guess that kiss worked! :P Being that he's poor though, I figure he needed the money more than the gift.
I got a popup that Katarina had her baby and zoomed over to look.
 Henry went over there with the intentions to congratulate the new mom. 
 He was behaving. Well he tried to behave,....
 but they began flirting.
 In the heat of the moment, he kissed her.
 She grabbed him back and they began making out.

 He drunk from her.
 Then he got the wish to turn her. I almost ignored it, but the my inactive evil trait turned on.
 I had to do it!!! Bwhahahahahah!!!!!
 I wonder how she will look as a vamp!
 Then the husband came in. Uh oh!
 Jack was not pleased.
 Henry boldly ignored him and gave her a massage anyway.
 He then went upstairs to check out the bathroom.
 While not take a shower! You already turned his wife into vampire!
 I don't know, but he keeps taking his shoes off every so often after he showers.
 He then properly got dressed and left the "happy couple" to their nice little chat. LOL at the poor baby on the floor.
 They look so happy now don't they?!
I feel awful for screwing around with another marriage, but she's super pretty. I really don't know who to choose. Katarina, the rich doll? Or grumpy Eliza? Should I break up a marriage (with a baby) or should  I continue working things out with his currently available female? What do YOU think?

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  1. My sims sometimes don't get dressed properly after a shower - or they have some weird hairstyle that I have never chosen for them. Silly game!

    Looking forward to seeing who is chosen as wife. I would vote, but I think you already wrote up the answer so I'll just keep going!


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