Sunday, February 2, 2014

Henry's legacy/diary: Moving day! A pre-wedding post!

So Henry has been writing books and doing art. He's gotten pretty good at it as you can see.

He also has been taking time to drink from every women in town. For some crazy reason every single women seems to fall for him. The attraction system just been going off everywhere he goes. Even this married mature women was flirting with him.
I don't have a recent picture of Kara (the neighbor) and Jack, but I got a popup saying they were engaged! HA! I seriously will die of laughter if they get married and they move next door to Henry. The drama of them vising of each would be so freaking juicy. Well not so much with Kara as they are friends, but with Jack. xD
 So after completing his wish to write 5 bestseller, I decided it was time for a freaking wedding and a merge of the two households (Henry & Katarina). The wedding in my mind had to happen at her house and the control freak in me needed to be in control the couple and their actions at the wedding. You know how they like to wander off sometimes. -_- I also couldn't bear the thought of Jack and Kara beating them to the altar. Grrr!
 So upon moving in, I sold all her little doll houses (I wish I kept at least one) and made Henry a study.

 Kat was so thrilled to have another husband, I caught playing around in the rain. lol
 She dried off and decided to use the new study even before Henry got a chance.
I made living room/tv room, because I can't imagine a house without a tv. 
 They then sat down to some plasma like a old vampire married couple. :P By the way, the couple is now really rich since the move. 30,000! I'll probably start spending a lot of it, so Henry can still have a reason to write/work.
 Oh and I eventually got around to changing Kat's hair. I wanted her to still look like a doll and this hair reminds me of a barbie doll. I'll be playing around with the look of her everyday clothes soon. 
Then I got to planning a wedding!
Pics of that in my next post. To be continued....


  1. Oh a wedding! I'll just dust off my most gothic-looking hat (like I have loads of those hmmm) and be right over with a lavish gift :D

    She does look like a doll. Kind of creepy really, but she'll make a beautiful bride (initially misspelled this as a 'beautiful bridge' lol).

    You have inspired me to check out Midnight Hollow. I'm just looking around it a little at first then I might start playing there. It is really dark but I like that and some of the little shops look interesting.

    Looking forward to the wedding! :)

    1. The wedding pics are up! Was quite chaotic. Guest were everywhere. Turned out to be a great wedding. It even had some drama that made me LOL! xD

      The bride kind of reminds me of a character out of a Tim Burton movie. I almost changed her facial features, but I kind like how creepy and different she looks. I hope I can get some good looking heirs out of her.

      MH is awesome! Definitely a nice change from the usual sunny bright worlds. You might want to remodel it a bit with some bars and night clubs. A lot rent space and not many places to party. lol The only technical problems I've have with it is invisible sims every so often and I clear my caches now for that.

      Other than that, it's a fun creepy town that actually works.

      Try reading up on some of the townies also. The backstories are awesome! Really adds to the gameplay of that town. Have fun! :)


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