Sunday, February 2, 2014

Henry's legacy/diary: The Wedding!

I'm not the most skilled wedding planner, but I don't think I did too bad. Looks nice to me. :)

Let the wedding party pics begin!!!

The happy couple didn't have a bachelor or bechelorette party. I wanted to cut to the chase (before fall and winter came in again) and immediately planned out a beautiful wedding. A total of 7 guest were invited and all of them came! YAY!
 Jack (the ex-husband) for some reason wasn't up for a invite, but Kara manage to make it. I was hoping she would bring Jack anyway. lol
 His daughter did show up. I can't remember her name at moment, but I plan on inviting her over more.
 I found out that her and her mom have a rocky relationship still. I kind of want them to make up. As for Henry involvement, I don't mind if she hates him. :P
 She decided to play at the party. So cute!
 Unfortunately she had to go home early. Was pass her curfew I guess.
 After that, I decided it was time for the main event. Didn't want anymore guest leaving. As you can see I changed both of their hairstyles for the wedding and dressed them in black! Yep, even the bride. Thought it would be nice change of pace to have black and red wedding dress. Fitting for a vampire.
 None of the guest sat down on the benches. I should of used chairs. Oh well.
 Yay! You are now immortal man and wife!
 I love it when they throw rice!
 LOL! Kat got really excited and gave Henry "a heat of the moment" kiss. Someone ready for a honeymoon! Love random moments like that.
Then another random moment happen. Well I invited this dude in the brown knowing full well he was a love interest of Kat's. I guess he didn't know she was getting married though, because he accused her of cheating! Uh oh!
 She looks pissed!
 He slapped her! Oh no he didn't!
 Henry was too concentrated on wedding bliss and cake to pay any of this attention. I left him alone since he seemed to be happy. Meh, Kat kind of deserved it. She should of clearly broke things off with him and she did cheat to get Henry.
 After all the guest left, I had them take a personal pic.
 So freaking gorgeous!
So they are officially married! So s a what's next you say? Babies! I need a heir! Not a proper legacy without babies and heirs. :)

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  1. Aw that was cute :)

    A family friend got married in a red and black outfit a few years ago. Now I have to wonder if she was a vampire!


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