Saturday, February 8, 2014

The legacy/diary of Henry: Life, Death, and the Afterlife! (A big pic heavy update)

Well life for Henry is going pretty well. He reached level 10 in his writing skills and got a certificate. I think he's master writer now. I remembering them giving him a fancy title.
I also gave Kat a makeover. She looks kind of like a vampire barbie. I also made her quit her part-time job in favor of her lifetime goal of wanting to reach level 5 in 4 jobs. She's currently a cook since she had some skills already.

Henry did manage to find me an unofficial (soon-to-be) coffee shop in town. He bumped into his step-daughter Angelique outside. Yeah I remembered her name now, because part of her name is my name. How the heck did I forget that?!
 I also ran into his ex Eliza, but she's now married.
 Then this lady started going into labor. :o
 I guess it was a false alarm though, because she started making eyes at Henry and then just left. By the way, everyone in town seems to be in love with him! lol 
 Random awkward picture of Kat dancing. :P
Then Halloween came again. I actually made it through a sim year. Wooo! Henry put on the same stupid costume from last year for some reason.
Kat too and they had quite a crowd for the party. Actually too much of a crowd. lol
Then someone died and I was pleasantly introduced to hotdog ghost! lol The guy in the blue was her husband, so jokes aside it was kind of sad.
Jokes back on, Grim then crashed the party in a much cooler costume and took her away. 
But not before he got himself a drink! What a party animal that grim reaper is!
The party ended with a so-so rating. Guess Death doesn't impress them much! Then a cute trick or treater came by.
Oh and they got stuck with the urn. I did keep it long enough to see the ghost, so stay tune for that.
A spaceship randomly landed. I thought Kat was about to get abducted. 
They brought a car too. I want a nicer one, so back to focusing on money! I did become slightly fascinated by how real the snow looked on it.
Henry and Kat have been busy also in the bedroom. Yep, they have created my first heir! :D
A pic of them going to the hospital through the snow:
And as you can see it's a boy! I wanted a boy! Didn't have her eat anything special to get him either. His name is Daniel, which was a name in the series: The Vampire Chronicles. Plus it's just a nice name. ;) 
This pic is me being way too excited over a bat pattern I found in CAS.

The nursery. Going have to move if they have anymore kids. The house is smaller than I thought.
I remember being gifted this by Caspin, but I never used it till now. I love it! Brings back memories from TS2.
So what happen to hotdog ghost? She didn't come back as a hotdog unfortunately. :/
She doesn't bother anybody. Sits in the rocking chair.
Eats leftover wedding cake and then goes back to her urn. It would just be nice if she washed the dish afterwards.  -_-
Speaking of ghost and death, my vamps build Grimmy the snowman!
A grim reaper snowman! EPIC!!! Best snowman ever!!!
Kat's daughter Angelique eventually grew up into a teen. I've been trying to get them to make up by inviting her to parties. This is them at a gift giving party I threw b/w. Things are going well. I've gotten the bar of out of the red zone without cheats.
Awww, if only he knew his departed wife sat there just hours ago. :(
Floating grim reaper snowman!!! o_o
LOL This picture has an ironic feel to it. I don't know. Just oddly funny she's standing next to a grim snowman.
Then it was time to have a birthday for the little one! wtf?! Girl hair and a girly outfit. No! Just no!
 He got a proper makeover immediately! Even his hair color was weird. Greenish brown. Yuck!
 Much better! 
Since Henry hair is dark brown and Kat's hair is blond, I decided to take that in consideration and make his hair a light brown.
 He's a cutie.
 He gave his imaginary doll a bite on the neck. A vamp in training. lol

 Henry is already tired after running around after Daniel all night. Kat had to work late. Poor Henry.
Soooo I will be updating again when he turns into a child. I didn't think a picture of him in his lava state would be interesting, so I waited for his toddlers years to post some pics. If I do decide to move to another house or something big happens, I'll post about it. Other than that I'll try not clutter up the blog with these post. Hope you're enjoying them so far.

I got to remember to add some Town Life lots in too. ;)

P.S. I forgot to mention I took the ghost's grave to the graveyard. Didn't really want or need her around. But ugh I had some pics too. Might included that in the next post. Was way too many pics in this one anyway. >_> 

Correction: I was totally sleep typing this last night. Daniel was the boy reporter in the vampire chronicles. I was thinking of Nicki/Nicolas from The Vampire Lestat. Fixed that little part. Sorry.  >_<

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  1. Ah yes, the reaper snowmen are absolutely the best snowmen! The alien ones are fun as well and I quite like the hockey player, although you don't see them very often.

    It's an absolute shame that the ghost didn't remain a hotdog!

    Great to see that you now have an heir. It'll be interesting to see how he turns out.


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