Saturday, February 8, 2014

Update on the Free gift of Town Life :)

If you're still unable to get Town Life or you have no way of registering the base game like me, go through the origin store and search Town Life. The price should say $0 dollars now. Just add it to your cart and check out. It should show up in your list then! The code will be under "i" icon when you click on it. :) 

I went through origin on my desktop and found it that way anyway, but here's the link to it in the store:
Get it while you can! It ends on Valentines' Day (Feb 14th)!
As for me, I have it finally!!! 
Thanks EA! Nice you gave up something for free!

Also thanks Caspin for helping me and Crinrict for posting that bit of info! Thank you! You guys rock! :D


  1. I agree, I thought it was pretty cool of them to do. :) Definitely unexpected.

    Also, I don't remember if I said this already, but love the new layout, Ms. Viddy!

    1. Aw thank you! Tho I favor dark layouts, it's nice to have a bright blog for once.

      As for EA, I'm still in shock they actually gave away a game for free. It's almost a miracle. lol xD


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