Saturday, February 22, 2014

The legacy/diary of Henry: Aging up and expanding!

Yeah I know how you feel Henry, but we got work to do. Pic spam alert!

I got lots of Daniel pics.
His adorableness makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

 I've only had one glitch involving him and that's the "read toddler to sleep" interaction. Wish someone had warn me about that one, because he turned into tall toddler monster when I used that. Won't be reading to any future toddlers anytime soon. Back to more cuteness... 

 Henry was outside with an umbrella and got shocked by lightning. I was afraid he might die, but he didn't. *phew* Was quite funny though.
 Daniel walking....
My possible future musician brushing up on some music skills....

 Henry painted the portrait of Katarina in the background. He's completed his big lifetime wish of being a Profession Author and earning 4,000 in royalties. A first for me! It was super easy do though, so I was a bit disappointed he was able to do it so fast. Should of been more to it. Well going have him write some more books anyway and  skill up in painting some more.
Enough toddler pics! Birthday time!

 Daniel is officially a child. Crossed eyed and all. lol
 That hat and outfit has to go.
Hmmm...way too formal. 
This looks about right.

Time to play pretend! Rawr!!!!

 He makes a handsome little prince.
He may be playing the role of a big brother soon.
Yep. Kat is pregnant again!!! :D 

Going need to move them into a bigger house. The gender choice will be totally random again. Both Henry and Kat want a boy and I kind of want another boy myself. I plan on stopping at 3 kids. 2 boys and a girl. 3 potential heirs. I may change my mind about a 4th kid, but right now it's going be 3.


  1. Thanks. I'm trying to see if he looks like his dad or mom. So far he favors his dad, but most sim kids look alike. Can't wait for him to be a YA. :)


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