Friday, February 28, 2014

The legacy/diary of Henry: Moving day and the new possible heir

With Kat being very far along in her pregnancy, I decided it was time to move and get some more space. They moved in the middle of the night like typical vampires. 
 Goodbye old home!
 Hello new home! You can find this home at Wib's blog. I highly recommend it. Her houses are epic!!!

 My vampires settled right in.
 Kat appreciated all the toys laying around. lol
 An excuse to show off Henry's slippers....
 Now I did add some stuff like a tree house and those bouncy ride things.

 The tree house looks awesome in the spot I chose.
 It fits right in with the rest of the trees on the lot.
 Plus it double as a slide. Weeeee!
Trick or treaters in the summer?
 Yeah in the summer. WTF? *sigh* Glitchy holidays.
 Well the baby is almost here! What's the gender you say? Well look at the next pic! *plays dramatic music*
It's another boy! Wooooo!
 His name is Nicolas! Named after the vampire I got Daniel from Interview with A Vampire mixed up with. Nic was the vampire who went insane in The Vampire Lestat. Anyway, his traits are EVIL and athletic so far. His brother traits are Good, Virtuoso, and Neurotic. Should make for an interesting household and sibling rivalry. 
I did run into some technical problems that frustrated me and creep me out, but I can't give up. I don't want to. I gotta keep going. Will have Kat reach level 5 of her first career first, but the next baby will be a girl! She'll be eating lots of watermelon next time. ;P


  1. Looking good - gorgeous family:) It's a lovely town, but way too dark for me - I like bright colors and sunshine;)

  2. Aw thank you! Yeah that town is definitely dark compare to your bright sunny game. I tend to think it's night when it's daytime when I'm playing it sometimes. xD

  3. Ah, good choice to use one of Wibs' houses! Great to get another little boy - they'll have a great time growing up and mucking about together. Sweet!


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