Wednesday, February 5, 2014

EA 14th anniversary gift. In case you missed the news...

Get a FREE copy of Town Life on them. Wooo! Well it's not really that exciting if you have it already, but it's free. lol As for me, I can't get it. You need to have the base game register on your account to redeem it and well considering my past with the EA forums, we know that ship sailed a long time ago. I don't think you can register a code twice. *sigh*

Do get your free copy for me though.
Note: As with all EA Sim products, it has issues. People are having problems getting to the page and the game isn't showing up in people origin list yet. I suggest you screencap it if you do get to the success page. 

How to screenshot:

By the way, how is it an anniversary if it's the 14th year? Shouldn't it be next year? >_>

Edit: Didn't realize Crinrict posted about it. Well read her blog for more details. :)


  1. Hydra was posting in all the complaint threads that everyone had to read her updated sticky ... which was completely useless and ignored all of the issues raised. Of course no one could comment on it. I'm surprised she didn't just point everyone to the twitter feed.

  2. Vid! I don't know if this will work for you, but a Crin just posted this on Twitter:

    @crinrict: For anyone still having issues redeeming your free TL copy: Go to the Origin store. Search for TL. Should be $0 there. Add it to your cart.

    Maybe you can get the free stuff pack this way?

    1. *gasp* I GOT TOWN LIFE!!!! Ahhhh!!!! CASPIN YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! Thank you so much! I had totally given up on it! YAY now I don't feel left out anymore and it's my first stuff pack! Squeeeeeee!!!! :D

  3. To add....They should of did it that way from the beginning! All the stupid stickies and headaches they gave everyone could of been avoided. >_>


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