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Walking Dead Season 4 continues! (Spoiler Alert)

I'm a bit late posting my thoughts about the start of the 2nd half of season 4, but better late than never. It gives me a bit more to talk about too. As always....SPOILERS AHEAD!!! DO CLICK READ MORE IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LATEST TWO EPISODES OF SEASON 4- "After" and "Inmates"!

I warned you! Spoilers ahead! I already messed up this weekend reading a celebrity gossip site. They happen to have a small spoiler in their title about TWD. Of all places they put it in the title after saying "spoiler alert". Like how f'ed up is that? Of course people are going read the whole title!!! That really pissed me off and made me feel like crap, but thankfully it wasn't a huge revel or plot twist. I can get over it now that I've seen it in this ep, but it makes me glad that I practically yell at you before I go into my rambles about the show. So I stress again, don't ruin it for yourself. Do not read pass this point if you haven't seen the latest eps or the season in general. 

Well the 2nd half of Season 4 started off ok. I'm still really disappointed that Rick got beat up by the Governor. Rick was a cop. I'm sure he has some combat training of sorts. Then he was time enough for Shane when they fought. How the f*** did he lose out to a one-eye man? Then it's not just the fact that he lost, but he got the crap beat out of him! The way he was breathing in "After" sound like he broke his ribs or something. Part of me was worried he might end up dying at one point during that ep. When he reached out for Carl all zombie-like, I gasped a little. I knew they couldn't kill him off like that and he is the main character, but the writers definitely had me wondering about him. Hopefully this season he can recover fully along with his dignity, because I'm getting tired of Rick being a broken down man.

Now Carl is a whole another story. He has become just as annoying as his mother. I know he's young, but he's just a pain in the ass. With all the whining and arrogance he did in that ep, I was rooting for a zombie to bite him. Yes it was nice he realized he needed his father, but he acted so douche to poor Rick before he caught a clue. Hopefully Rick's "you're a man" compliment doesn't go to his head too much. While he is older, he made some pretty dumb mistakes in that ep.

It was nice to see Michonne! I really really loved the dream sequence they did for her! We're finally getting to know her better! I hope that continues. So far we only know one of the zombie pets she had was a boyfriend/"lover" and she indeed lost a child as suspected from her reaction to Judith. Now it would be nice to see who she was before ZA and who the other guy was to her. Hopefully she can keep Rick and Carl out of trouble till everyone meets up again.

So that brings us to the "Inmates" episode that aired here last night. Daryl and Beth are safe and sound it seems. Well as good as they can get considering their situation. Daryl seems a bit defeated to me, but maybe he's just going back into his shell. Beth so far seems to be holding out hope and being slightly annoying, but tolerable for now. I'm guessing they didn't see the sanctuary sign like Tyrese's group?

Speaking of that group, Judith is alive! This is what was spoiled for me this weekend, but it wasn't that big of deal after the fact. Was going find out sooner or later. I'm not really happy about her still being in the show. Yes she's absolutely adorable, but she's a freaking zombie alarm! Carrying a baby around in ZA seems like a walking death sentence, but I guess the writers kept her around for a reason. The two little girls Lizzie and Mika are quite entertaining. Not so much Mika, but Lizzie. She's a freaking psycho! I kind of love it! She disturbs me in a good way. She was totally into smothering poor Judith. The look in her eyes was just creepy! I look forward to seeing how far they going take her character. She's already murdering poor little rabbits! Will humans be next?

Tyrese had his hands full with those little girls, but now he has Carol. Um...yay I guess. -_- I knew Carol would show back up in the show and somehow meet up with Tyrese. It just too bad no one told Tyrese that she killed his girlfriend. I can't stand Carol now after that, so I'm not really thrilled about her return myself. I hope Tyrese gets his revenge and throws her to the zombies eventually. Tyrese is going need her now for the girls, but I really hope Tyrese finds out about her and watches his back. She can't be trusted.

Then we got to see Maggie, Sasha, and Bob. Did I see some sparks between Sasha and Bob? Ewww I hope not. Sasha deserves better. Anyway, they do need to get Maggie under-control. If she keeps going off on emotions and doing risky stuff like she did with the bus, she going get someone or herself killed! I do feel sorry for her, but she can't keep doing stuff like that. When she did see the last few bodies on the bus, I knew dang well it wasn't Glenn. AMC (the channel it's on here) already screwed that up for us. They showed Glenn in the promos, so everyone already knew he was alive. Kind of ruined the suspense. I didn't know he would be back at the jail though, so that was a shocker.

Glenn has never been that exciting of a character for me, but I was glad to see he was alive. I don't get why Tara is alive, but meh oh well. He'll need her and the new characters for company. Yes the new characters!
I never read the comics, but Talking Dead inform me that they did the same poses as on the comic book. Neat! I wonder what role these guys will have on the show? Are they going have something to do with the so-called sanctuary at the end of train tracks? So many questions!

My predictions... so far!
-Rick will clash with the new lead character (the red head).
-The baby will die this season! (I have my doubts about this)
-Tyrese will find out about Carol. Carol will get herself into some sort of trouble and Tyrese will leave her to die
-Lizzie will become even more psycho and may do something to jeopardize the group
-Lizzie will conveniently get poor Mika killed
-The new people/soldiers will prove to be trouble and if not them, the sanctuary will be
- The sanctuary will be Woodberry with crazy townfolk and rules

Stuff I still want answer! I didn't forget TWD writers!
-Who killed the campers the Gov and co. saw? I thought the Gov went back and did it, but I guess not? Did the new characters do it?
-Who fed the zombies in the prison? (why haven't they answer this yet?)

Stuff I'm looking forward to or at least wanting to see!
-Everybody meeting up and forming one group. I know it's going happen, but I'm tired of them switching between them at the moment.
-What makes Michonne tick
-Rick growing a pair and becoming more of a badass
-Who the heck are the new people?! Will Rick get along with them?
-Lizzie and her psychotic ways
-Tyrese finding out the truth about Carol
-Who is the father of Judith! (naw I'm kidding)
-A zombie baby (naw I'm kidding again...kind of)
-The sanctuary at the end of the train tracks

When they all meet up, I think that's when the show will really start.

Possible TWD game spoiler (just my feelings about the end of the game and no details): As for TallTale's TWD game, I pretty much finished that last month. I only got the bonus ep to do, but I'm trying hold off a bit and play Sims more. The end of that game though almost had me in tears. I've thought about replaying that game with different responses, but I'm going dread the end if I do. Be glad when a complete psychical copy of Season 2 comes out. The commercials they show for it during TWD drive me insane! I want to play it so bad!

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