Thursday, February 27, 2014

Walking Dead: Close calls and the new characters! *Spoiler Alert*

I'm feeling a bit better for the time being, soooo.....
*Spoiler Alert!!!!* Do not pass I mean do not click read more if you haven't seen the latest ep "Claimed." I warned you!

One more time! You have hit the point of no return! Do not read pass this point if you don't want the show spoiled for you!!!

Ok was that enough of a warning? I think I got my point across. Into the show...

First thing first, Abraham and co. seem like an interesting group. I never read the comic, so I don't know anything about him. I like it that way. lol I do think Abraham should of just let Glenn go on his marry way. I certainly wouldn't of spent all that wasted time and energy getting him to come back. Pff look where it got em! Now they don't have a truck and they're out in the open! For a min, I thought the scientist guy might even get killed. Now I knew they couldn't just do that after mentioning his importance so much, but it would of been kind of funny if he did. It was looking that way till he started shooting. Too bad he shot the truck in the process. lol I did find Glenn to a bit annoying in this episode.  I understand why he was that way with it being his wife and all out there, but he really just caused unnecessary mayhem for Abraham's group. *sigh* Well now they all should be meeting up soon.

As for the new characters, Abraham seems like a Shane character to me. Not the Shane who went nuts, but the tactical Shane. I see Rick getting along with Abraham in the same way he got along with Shane at the beginning of ZA. Agreeing sometimes, compromising, but bumping heads more than needed. I think both of them will ultimately want to lead whatever group they end up with. I don't see them being besties like Shane was to Rick at one time, but maybe Abe will become a good ally for Rick. Be nice if Rick could have another bestie, but I don't see him and Abe getting along like that. From what I gathered from the comic talk, Abe is not really a bad guy. Hmm.. I don't think Abe will turn on Rick, but we'll see. Every show needs a bad guy. ;)

The scientist guy who's name escapes me. Eugene! Thanks google. Eugene seems sneaky. Something about him makes me not want to trust him. I almost wonder if he shot the truck up on purpose. He didn't seem too concern about it. Does he really know how it all started or is he bluffing? I'm looking forward to figuring out this guy more. I have a bad feeling about him. I just do. If they make it to Washington to do anything, it'll be a miracle!

Still don't know what to make of the chick who was with Abe, so that's about it on that. lol I do hope she finds a more appropriate attire for ZA. Shorts and a tied tank top. Really?

Now to my favorite part of the show! Rick's badass escape! Finally a episode that shows off Rick's awesomeness! I actually thought that was the best part of the show. Rick could of been killed, but he made it! Woooo! I loved it when he strangled that guy in the bathroom and then intentionally left the door open knowing full well the guy would turn. Bwhahaha! Genius! I don't want to see him turn into a cold hearted killer or anything, but it's nice to see him in action. I feel like we've seen him more as a broken down man than the smart heroic guy we saw at beginning of the series. I would like to see more episodes like this. I miss that Rick. Now I do think he should of had a gun by his bedside just for these type of situations. I thought that was dumb and risky not to have something, but meh that's my only complaint.

As for Michonne and Carl scenes, meh it was ok. I hope they don't keep bringing up Michonne's kid. I do wonder what happen to him, but I don't really think they should dwell too much on that subject. The pink room was creepy, but I don't want see her breaking down like Rick constantly. I also want to learn more about her "lover" and other guy a bit more too. They barely mentioned them. Once they do cover all those aspects of her life more, I do hope they move on. Well if Judith does make it to the sanctuary, Carl can finally stop mourning her at least. Hopefully Michonne doesn't break down again then.

I think that's everything?

Predictions based on this ep
-Abraham and Rick will probably disagree on a lot things when they meet, but I see them working together somewhat
-Eugene is up to something
-Someone will probably get killed trying to protect Eugene
-Rick & co. will run into Carol and Tyrese at the sanctuary. Ruh oh!
-Glenn and Maggie will reunite. Awww.....*gags*

If nothing too crazy happens in the next ep, I won't be posting about it. I refuse to ramble on about every ep. Too much work. lol I think the next ep will be focus on Daryl and Beth, so it should be action packed.

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