Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Yay!!! Six of the Best Awards! Thanks and congrats!

Congrats Archvist! Yay for us! Squee!!!! I'm actually thrilled it ended in a tie. It was so freaking close! :)

Anyway I just wanted to say you guys (those who voted) are awesome and I'm honored to be sharing the title with Archivist! Congrats to all who picked up an award! Especially a certain someone who won everything! xD

Also many thanks to The Mare's Nest for the good fun these awards bring each year and their generosity! :D
And speaking of their generosity! I got Sunlit Tides for my prize:
My reaction: Holy Plumbobs with waffles!!! My goodness!!! My eyeballs just fell out!!!
It's so pretty!!!!
I want to live here! Can I? Can I please?!  *sobs* My goodness I don't know where to start! Ooo a beach bum who gets all the woman pregant on island for mayhem? My simself who needs a vacation? I just don't knowwww! *faints* Thank you so much....

P.S. This is a great inspiration to continue on blogging, so many thanks to all who read and to those who voted. :)


  1. We are awesome!!! Congrats, Viddy! *happy dance, happy dance* :D

  2. Congrats Viddie and Archivist :D

    Sunlit Tides is a lovely world, the colours are great and I love all that beach. Then it got even better when we got the patch that enabled swimming in the ocean. Squee indeedy!

    Have fun!

  3. Ooo sorry for being MIA. >_<

    *does celebratory smustle and then breaks out in song of "We are the champions....* Oh sorry. Be glad you can't hear me. xD

    Anyway congrats again Archivist and thanks Caspin! :)

    I have yet to play Sunlit Tides, but the sneak peek I took of it was enough to make me squeee in delight. I also got giddy at the thought of my simmy swimming in the ocean, so I'm definitely trying that out! From what I see so far though, I'm quite impressed. :D


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