Saturday, January 12, 2013

*crawls from under rock* Ok now I'm caught up on the next expansion packs :P

Thanks to Monie under comments, I've caught up. I can't believe I missed the live chat and for once it was actually really informative. Dare I say even professional. :o

So along with University Life, we're getting Island paradise and a time traveling/future ep this year. I must say I'm a little excited. That is more that I ever wanted in this game. Just wow!

So University will be a subhood. Interesting and not really what I was hoping for. I guess it does keep the original worlds from being cluttered, but I don't like loading screens!!! I also see it having the glitches WA has. Anyway, this live chat has me leaning to a more positive outlook on this ep. I'm a tiny bit more excited than before, but I'm still wondering if this what I want for myself. I brought WA, because it was the new shiny thing to buy at the time and it end up being a total bore for me. I would hate to do that again. I also need a new computer soon or later to run all these games. *sigh*

Then I see we're getting a new trait slot with university, which makes me really happy! Woo! I'm sure it will come in the patch. I just hope it does screw up the townies. I really hope it comes in the patch though.

Now for Island Paradies, which will have sims traveling in boat and swimming underwater. Even living in boats and owning resorts! Ok, now that sounds AWESOME!!!! I gotta get new computer for that if anything else. If I have to, I will uninstall stuff! It's sound like one big glitch waiting to happen with the routing problems, but I'm excited! :D

Now Time travel/Future ep sound odd and interesting. Quite a new direction to go with sims. Sounds very mysterious. I don't know if I want my sims to travel through time, but I can't wait to hear more. Hmmm....

As for question segment, shout out MidnightPearl who got mention that live chat. Hehe. They never answer my questions, so I'm jealous. :D

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