Friday, January 18, 2013

Oh geez I need to wake up! Hi! :)

I just wanted to say I'm still here and I'm sorry things have been pretty slow lately. It isn't due pure laziness or loss of interest. I just need to get my health in order. I've been passing it off as nothing, but I've been pretty out of it lately. I get some energy every so often, but then I just seem to descend back into being completely exhausted for no reason. Yesterday I could totally slept in bed all day if I really wanted too. Then you can add headaches into that lovely mix. It really takes all strength to get up and make myself do stuff now. Like right now I would rather be sleeping, but I felt like I was abandoning ya'll (lol I know it's stupid). D:

Still I'm trying pinpoint why I'm always so tired. It's funny, because I just had this convo with someone. I thought it was something else though. >_<  So please bare with me.

Also Roxie is better, but still trapped in the kitchen. She has almost done her 6 weeks I believe. Still trying to get her to put more weight on her leg. I guess it's better than it was before. Still it's frustrating going back and forth between the doggie gate as she still has to be confined. Ugh I'll be glad when she can run through the house again. 

Anywhooo, I have a little bit more energy today for some stuff. I still want to run a comp and judge, so don't be discouraged. I hope some more people join. >_> Maybe I'll post some simming pics even. As for lurking the forums, I saw one thread yesterday and said meh... not interested. xD It's been ages since I've posted about anything on the forum here and I'm being very picky on what I post this year. Some people aren't worth the trouble you know? Still I'll try to post more of a variety this year rather than comp pics. 

As for rambling on anything else, I simply wanted to say hello and that quite alive at the moment! Maybe even a little undead. Bwhaha! ;)

P.S. It hasn't been long since I lasted posted, but I haven't had the energy to post anything other comp pics and I use to post everyday at one time, so I've been feeling a bit guilty.


  1. You better take care of yourself young lady *wags finger*

    I actually went through that myself Vid. I was always tired and when I came home from work and ate, I went straight to bed. A huge NO NO.

    I had to change my diet completely around and start eating more healthier meals to get my energy back to where it belongs. And exercise. My leg doesn't allow for much and I could use that as an excuse for another 5 months, but I bought a small recumbent bike at work and have started using it as a form of physio to restrengthen my legs and exercise.

    Plus I stick to more herbal options when I actually do catch a cold and honey helps give you energy and build up your system.

    The benefit: I get a cold maybe once or twice a year.

    The downside, what normal people experience over a week-two week period, I experience the worst of it in 3 days. Getting it, having it, getting over it. And then a week or two of an irritating small cough.

    I have a lot of yummy recipes, and I hope that that is all it is for you and nothing more serious.

  2. Aw, poor Vid! Hope you feel better. Could just be January blues?

  3. *glomps* Hey you two! It may be my diet or lack of diet. Maybe I'm not eating enough or eating the wrong things. Or sleeping too late. I really hope it's nothing more than something like that. >_< Ugh I would like to blame it on boredon or it being boring old January, but I can't even stay awake to enjoy the stuff I do like. It was really hard yesterday keeping my eyes open.

    My stomach has been acting a bit weird too, so it might be my diet. Still I may just need a proper check-up since it's been awhile. I've been avoiding it, but I guess I better get to it.

    And agh you make me hungry Em! xD


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