Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You know you're a cc addict...

When you spend a whole night deleting cc hair and still have a few pieces left that you don't want. Then you add more in and download 2 different versions of the same hair. Now you're back deleting stuff and trying to find the hair you downloaded twice.  >_>

I notice most of the crappy hair I have is for males. Was I that desperate to have male hair? Probably since they don't make enough of it!!!

Anyway, I'm trying clean up my game a bit more and get back into a gaming mood. It was nice taking somewhat of a break, but sims is nice distraction and it keeps me awake sometimes. lol Being that I'm getting a bit OCD lately, I must clean my game up before playing.

Anyway, did PeggySims quit or something? Her download won't show up for me. :/


  1. yeah i think peggy is gone. meh, im not sad about it. most of her hairs were crap. newsea is still making some nice ones. i need to srsly clean up my game too. unfortunately alot of it is all 012x312161261 crapola so i dunno what im deleting.

  2. lol I don't mind peggy being gone too much either, but she could of waited and let me delete some of her hair first. xD

    I'm using the dashboard to see what's what with some stuff and googling the names of some of the hairs. Then deleting anything I don't recognize. I'll probably delete something I do want, but if it's really good, I'll find it again in one shape or form.

    But I wish EA would add a delete button for cc. Would make life so much easier! :/

  3. yeah i wish!! would make life SO much easier. i know in game what i dont want anymore, have NO idea where in my files to look for it lol


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