Saturday, January 12, 2013

ζ~Elven Spirit~ζ QUEST-2~ Pic + Story

Not really crazy about my picture this time, but I do like my story. The picture this round bugs me though. Not my best at all. It irritates me quite a bit. I think I'm turning to a perfectionist or getting a bit OCD. If I had found a better pose leaning down and changed her hair, it might turned out better. Well I turned it in. I'll do better next time. Just seriously drives me crazy.

Quest 2:
I watched her grow and was pleased with my risky decision. When we had lost all hope, she set everything right again. Everything was perfect. I saw no need to explain how we were given such a miracle. All I saw was positive results, so I thought nothing of it as she got older. She grew up like all the other elves. She played, hunt, and rebel just like the others. I had no worries for awhile till one day I notice something.

I notice her temper was quite identical to mines, but something was off about her anger. Strange things happen when she angry. Most elves of her kind had a few powers, but Aurora was powers were more than expected. Dangerous even and it got worse as time went on. So worse I told her she must stay in the house and practice controlling them, but of course she would disobey.

I was gone for only a minutes or two, when she decided to sneak out. Luckily I knew where she was going and tracked her down easily. I found her in her favorite place in the forest with a boy from the village. A boy I had seen before with her. I spied on them and they appeared to be arguing quite a bit, but nothing out the usual had came about it at the time. Then I saw it and with flash, he fell to the ground.

She looked at him with fear as she glowed almost and tears fell from her eyes. Thankfully she didn't kill him, but with such act it was hard to smooth over with the rest of the village. It was only in that moment though, that I came to realize she was different from the others. That my first taste of dark magic had cursed her and left her with this deep magical scar. As she cried and asked me why she was like this, all I could do was comfort her.        


  1. I really like this series. And I know you don't like the pic, but I think the color selection is very eye-catching. :)

    1. Well that makes me feel a little better. Thanks. *hugs* I'm glad someone likes it. :) I guess it's alright, but looking at the other entries and my last pic makes me so nervous though. Can't help, but pick at it. xD


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